Thank you for your interest in the Houston Dynamo Academy!

We have a strong reputation for developing elite soccer players and respectful young men who are capable of succeeding in both soccer and non-soccer settings. Each season we assist our players in either signing a proffessional contract with the first team or obtaining a scholarship to an accredited NCAA University.

There are three mechanisms by which we search for talent: 

  • Scout Indentification
  • Personal Application
  • Center of Excellence / Youth Programs Recommendation

Scout Identification

Academy scouts observe matches on a weekly basis and are directed and delegated accordingly by the Head of Player Recruitment for the Houston Dynamo Academy.  The academy recognizes each individual scouts aptitude for identifying talent and places them in the appropriate development phase of the talent identification model.

All scouts must conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner and observe the highest standards of integrity and fair dealing. Our scouts can be identified by a black Dynamo Adidas polo top and will possess business cards, as well as a Dynamo Identification card, at all times.

Our scouts are bound by the rules of the US Soccer Development Academy and Pre-Academy leagues and as such CANNOT approach players directly during the course of the season. Instead, our scouts will report back to the Head of Player Recruitment, who will make all contacts when permitted, per league rules.

Personal Application

To apply for a trial, please submit your application at the link below: 

Once we recieve your application, the information will be submitted to our head of recruitment for consideration. 

Center of Excellence / Camp Identification

Players between the ages of 7 to 12 can be identified by our youth programs staff at either the Center of Excellence or one of our many camps that are held at different times and locations during the year.