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22 August 3:43 pm

The Houston Dynamo and Portland Timbers played to a 2-2 draw Friday night in Portland. Courtesy of Portland Timbers Communications, here is a transcription of postgame remarks from Dynamo and Timbers players and coaches.

Houston Dynamo head coach Owen Coyle

On if he’s disappointed in giving up a two goal lead…

“I don’t think there is any doubt that given the circumstances that we feel we’ll have dropped two points tonight. We had fantastic possession in the game to go and see the game out. I’ve got to say Portland comes in as a fantastic side. It’s a magnificent stadium. The supporters really buy into it. It’s a terrific arena, but my players stood up to that. We scored two wonderful goals in the first-half and truth be told the first 50 minutes in the second half we had the best chances to get that third goal and when you don’t then you obviously leave yourself open to the Portland Timbers as they are, keeping coming, resilient and keep pushing forward as they did. My disappointment is that I certainly feel that both goals are avoidable. [Darlington] Nagbe, he’ll feel it’s a wonderful goal, but we feel three or four players easily could put a challenge in. I’ve got to say [Lucas Melano’s goal] was a wonderful finish, just like that an ordinary cross, nothing really of any note. He just came from 40 yards out. That’s why he’s a [Designated Player], that’s why he’s played in the Argentinian league and is a wonderful goal scorer and it was a wonderful finish.

Having said that we have to back ourselves up and we have to keep pushing on to get a third goal. So it was a strange game in many ways and again to our credit we missed obviously DaMarcus Beasley, Giles Barnes, Ricardo Clark and Jermaine Taylor out. I mean they’re four players that we’re playing on the team every week. So we come here and give, for the majority of the game, the performance that we did. There is a lot to be pleased about but when you are in the lead and you lose obviously that’s a disappointment. There are a lot of positives to take as well so we won’t be lost on them but you can look to brush up and make sure that when you get in the situation it doesn’t have to be pretty, what it has to be is effective. That’s when you need big leaders to stand up and be strong. Obviously the Dynamo missed out last year in the Eastern Conference in the playoffs and a little bit was a hangover in respect, a little bit softness that creeps in when those situations arise and that’s something we need to eradicate. If that comes from finding the right type of personality to come in and help you doing that moving forward then we’ll do it. But there are a lot of positives, we passed and moved the ball well, scored two wonderful goals and there could have been a few others. So, disappointed in the end but overall there were a lot of positives within the game.”

On how they were able to get goals against the Timbers defense…

“I mean I think Timbers have done really well but I can only judge from our experiences. We took three off the Timbers at the home game at BBVA Compass Stadium and it could have been four or five that night. Maybe it’s one of those that we have players that they maybe are not suited against playing defensively, I don’t know. Having said that after the three games I think we’re all square, we win one each and one tie. I thought it was even on each side. The last two games I’ve played them I haven’t had my full personnel. I’d love to come here with my best team available but there you go, that’s the nature of the league. But they’re a good side, they have a wonderful coach and they’re a good club.”

On if it’s hard for the team to take away the positives after tonight’s game…

“We’re always looking out, of course. The aftermath, I’m the same myself, you come out, you do the press, you’ve got microphones locked onto your face and obviously you go. That’s what it is. I mean the boys they know how much they put into the game but, as I said before, when you put it into the game make sure that you see the game through. So, are the lessons to be learned? Absolutely and that’s a good thing about a game when you can learn and pick those things up then you move on and you’re stronger for it. That’s where we need to be. We have nine games now, five at home and four away. Eight of those are against conference rivals, five at them at home so we have to make sure we’re able to capitalize on those points and give ourselves a good run. We know everything we’re implementing for moving forward is going stand us in a good [place] for the future of the Dynamo but you still want to be winning in the here and now where we continue to progress.”

Houston Dynamo goalkeeper Tyler Deric

On the overall match…

“You know for being up 2-0 and letting them back in the game like that is disappointing. We gave up two soft goals. But you know you have to give credit to Portland. They fought, they had a great crowd behind them and they fought back and made it a good match.”

On what the difference maker was…

“I think we went through spurts where we each had possession of the ball. I think at the beginning of the first half they had the majority of the possession, then we had a flow going towards the end of the first half and then second half we came out playing pretty well then it was back and forth. Once they got that first goal they had a lot of momentum behind them and then they pushed for a second goal, which they got. It’s very disappointing to give up a 2-0 lead and we feel as if we gave two points away.”

On the two games coming up this week against Colorado and Vancouver…

“The focus is on Colorado right now. We have Colorado on Wednesday and we’re not even thinking of Vancouver. We have to go to Colorado and get three points and that’s the mission right now.”

Portland Timbers head coach Caleb Porter

On Lucas Melano and the team’s overall performance tonight…

“It’s good to get him his first goal in a Timbers uniform. Strikers when they start scoring goals they score more goals. That has a funny way of happening. It was great for him to get his first goal in that fashion and he looked fit and sharp and caused a lot of problems. He should have had one earlier in the first half. We score that, the game is different. The three things that will happen from this game, the first one is: we will learn from it. That first half, the five-minute period where we gave up two goals, that can’t happen. We started out very well the first 35 minutes we were sharp, we were aggressive, we were on the front foot. They were hanging on. We had chances. They started to soften up and we gave up a goal against the run and that happens in football, sometimes you give up a goal against the run of play. What can’t happen is the response, giving up the next goal. And that has happened in a few games this year, LA, first half we gave up multiple goals and Dallas as well and in the second half against Philly. In all three of those games we gave up the goal, then we gave up the next one and the next one. So we’ll learn from that tonight and we haven’t been able to learn from that prior to this game. The second thing is we’ll grow from the second half. That second half might be the most important 45 minutes this season because we had to dig deep as a team and do what we hadn’t done all year and that’s come from behind. We were able to come from behind and we weren’t able to do that in the three games I mentioned. In those games we gave up the third goal, then the fourth and in LA, the fifth. So we will learn from that second half, we will grow from having to claw and fight and dig and I thought we were outstanding in the second half. We were aggressive, we were hungry, we were relentless, we were ruthless. So we will grow from that and that’s going to make us a better team. Then the third thing is we will build on this. It’s not three points, but Houston’s a team that’s in the playoff hunt and instead of them getting closer now in the point total, they stay at the same spread and psychologically we leave the game, like I said, having grown and been lifted and they leave it a little bit gutted.”

On Diego Chara’s red card and losing him for the Seattle match…

“I didn’t see it. I saw it live, but I didn’t see the video. I feel for Chara because everybody in that second half, guys that started the second half and the guys that came in the game, it took everybody and we pulled two goals back. I thought we should have had a third actually had a couple chances to win it. It took everybody and it took the guys in the back, digging deep and putting out counters. I thought Chara he was outstanding, tracking back and breaking up plays. I really feel bad for him because I don’t think he deserved to get red carded. I didn’t watch the play but I don’t see much in that.”

On the sub decisions...

“I think it’s all about momentum. As a coach you’ve got to feel the game. You have to feel the flow. There was a period where I was getting ready to put [Dairon] Asprilla in and maybe take off a holding midfielder, but I just felt that the game was going in our favor and one of the worst mistakes you can make as a coach, and I’ve learned this because I’ve coached for a lot of years, is when you have the flow and the momentum sometimes a sub disrupts that. So I wanted to ride that because I felt like getting Asprilla in and going with three in the back to give us that final push was what we needed and the reason to be patient on another sub. We scored two goals obviously so it worked out tonight."

On what he told the team at halftime…

“That’s between me and the team. It was a little bit tactical, probably 10 percent tactical and 90 percent mentality check.”

Portland Timbers forward Lucas Melano (through a translator)

On getting his first goal…

“Very happy to score a goal especially here at home in front of the Timbers Army. More importantly just to rescue a point here at home that we more than deserved. Just happy that my goal was able to help the team in that way.”

On what it felt like to play in that game and make a comeback…

“Very good. I think it was all about the team effort today. We realized in the second half that we were down, we didn’t feel like we should have been, but as a group we came together and I think the whole collective team played really well and it was thanks to that effort that we were able to achieve the tie.”

On if what he learned from tonight’s game will help him score more goals in the future…

“That’s absolutely the idea. I’ve had a few chances in past games and I wasn’t able to convert maybe just because I’m new to the team, learning the squad, but today the goal opened up to me and I was able to convert and I think it will really help. The idea is to keep progressing with the team and scoring goals as I feel more and more comfortable with the team.”

Portland Timbers midfielder Darlington Nagbe

On his second goal this season…

“I don’t quite remember. I just brought everyone over to the right side. We were on that side a lot in the second half. I ended up dribbling through the space. Lucas [Melano] took the ball and gave me a nice pass and I just finished it. It was good we got the tie.”

On the mentality of the group making the comeback…

“We were disappointed with that first half. We came out and I thought we had good energy, but we had 10 minutes or so when they got those two goals. We came out second half and had a lot of energy. Everyone was playing for each other and working hard for each other and I thought we separated ourselves from the other team.”

On what it meant to the team to “dig out of that hole”…

“It means a lot for me. Obviously you don’t want to go down 2-0, but you come back from 2-0 down and get a tie. That’s a situation we’ve been in before and didn’t come away with a tie.”

On if there is any deeper satisfaction to get a tie from coming back…

“I think so. Obviously it’s a different feeling if we are up 2-0 and tie the game since we are down two we managed to tie the game, which we haven’t done this season, being down by a couple goals. For me, it’s gives me confidence.”

10 August 10:04 am

The Dynamo defeated the San Jose Earthquakes, 2-1, on Saturday at BBVA Compass Stadium. The following is a transcription of postgame comments from the Dynamo.

Houston Dynamo head coach Owen Coyle

Thoughts on the match

I think we knew coming into the game it was going to be a hard-fought game, playing a game against a team we’d only played three or four weeks ago when we won a very good game in San Jose. We knew we’d been in good form. Again, we were blighted by injury and suspension, but the lads again stepped into the fray and we have one or two others coming back as well. There’s no doubt we’re well worthy of the three points tonight. It was always going to take time to break down a stubborn defense but we did with a very good goal. And from that point on, the one thing that I would say is I think that’s when we’ve really got to put a shoulder to the wheel. I think we could have game-managed it better, is the best way to put it. Because when you don’t get the second and third goals as we should have—we had one or two opportunities to do that—you leave yourself wide open to exactly what happened. A set play that’s cleared twice and then there’s a misjudgement in the middle and we lose a soft goal. But to be fair to this group, they picked themselves again and that second goal was worthy—if you look at the build-up and we passed and moved the ball, everything we’re preaching on a daily basis—that goal was worthy to win any game. We had other opportunities to get that third or fourth and make it a little bit easier on ourselves. I’m sure when I took this job I had jet black hair but now there’s a few greys that have crept in. I was delighted with how they went about it. It was an important three points. As I said, we’re in a great run of form, we’ve only lost one game in six and that was at Salt Lake when we’re down to 10 men as well. It was nice to be back at home with eight of our last 12 on the road and to come back here again. And then obviously if you think back to our performances at home: Portland Timbers, New York Red Bulls, Chicago Fire—a game we certainly felt we could and should have won, LA Galaxy, and then tonight. So we’re in terrific form and as I’ve said we go on the road and we look forward to those games because we certainly believe that within the group we have enough about us to go on that unbeaten run that I’ve spoken about. This one certainly helps to add another game to that.

On DaMarcus Beasley

I’ve said to him on a weekly basis, I certainly believe that DaMarcus should be sitting on three or four goals just now. If you think to all the games going back when we’re getting around because we’re passing, moving, penetrating behind, and we did that on numerous occasions tonight. It’s really pleasing on the eye, it gets the fans out of their seats. We want to win games, but we want to try to be entertaining while we’re doing that, and having the fullbacks join in. And that’s what was great about tonight, because then Sheanon [Williams] joins in with the second goal for Alex Lima. So we’re committing players forward, we’re looking to try to win games in a manner I think befitting the Houston Dynamo. And I said it to the players, from the career that DaMarcus Beasley has had, every week he keeps bringing it, he keeps showing how much he wants to be part of the Houston Dynamo, how much quality he’s got. And we’re delighted to have a player of that caliber. It was a wonderful, composed finish and equally the second goal, I just thought from a team move that was outstanding.

Houston Dynamo defender DaMarcus Beasley

On the goal

I got through, I was lucky to be that open. I was that open. Giles [Barnes] played me a great ball and I looked up and I saw one man to beat so I figured I’d try to go at him and I beat him and went near post.

On getting his first goal with the Dynamo

I get chances every game. I’m finally happy. Everybody’s been getting on me that I haven’t score yet because I get a couple chances a game. Finally I got one tonight. It’s a team goal, it’s a big win for us especially at home going into this 11-game stretch. We need goals from everyone and we got that tonight.

On Alex Lima

You gotta see him in training. The way he is with the ball is just phenomenal. He’s very skillful, he’s unselfish, and he works hard for the team. You see him getting up, he’s getting back, he’s getting into the box, he’s helping me or helping the opposite side on the right side, he’s a two-way player. You see some of the skills he has on the ball and it’s pretty amazing. He’s been great for us and is a great addition to our team midseason.

Houston Dynamo defender Sheanon Williams

On his assist

Just wanted to pick ourselves back up after we allowed a bad goal on our part. Felt like I was a little bit to blame for it and I wanted to get one back. So played [Boniek García] a good ball then just tried to keep moving and he played a good ball back where all I had to do was square it across the goal and Alex made a good run to finish it.

On getting the fullbacks into the attack

It’s a good outlet for us. I think we have a lot of guys that are comfortable with the ball at feet in the middle of the park so when you can push up and be a good outlet as you saw, DaMarcus scored tonight and I had an assist, it makes the game a lot easier for us.

Importance of getting all three points at home, up a man

This is crunch time. So when you’re at home and up a man, that’s a time to really get three points and we definitely needed it. We’re in the hunt for the playoffs and we definitely want to be one of those final six competing for the championship. To do that, we need all the points we can get at home.

19 July 11:20 am

The Houston Dynamo vs. Chicago Fire match at Toyota Park on September 1 has been changed from a 4 p.m. CT kickoff to a 2 p.m. start.

The match will be broadcast in English on CSN Houston and in Spanish on UniMas.