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08 May 1:16 pm

The Dash wanted to give a special shout out today to their most loyal, supportive fans: their moms. Without these women, the Dash wouldn't be where who they are today...and we are forever grateful to them for raising these amazing athletes and women! 

“My mom is like my best friend, we’ve been so close always. I’m the oldest so I was the 1st daughter and child. She was just out here a couple of weeks ago for my first game, which was so nice. My mom was the manager of our club team for years and years and years. She always drove me to practice and did everything she could for the team. I know she’s always supported me and she’s so happy and proud of me that I’m here. It means so much to me that I have such a great relationship with her.” - Allie Bailey 

"My mom has a lot to do with the person I am today. She has always been there for me, through soccer and my personal life. Obviously so have my brothers and my father, but it was a different connection with my mom because we’re the only women in my immediate family. She’s not a big sports person but she’s learned to talk to me a certain way. She gave me and my brothers the world when we were growing up so I really appreciate that. Plus I look just like her." - Tiffany McCarty

“My mom was my first soccer coach, as you can tell in the picture. She is probably the toughest person I know and put on a strong face in everything she’s dealt with and has really been able to laugh through things. She’s shown me that laughter is the best medicine. Whenever I do anything and it gets hard, I can think about my mom and how she laughs through things and that’s the best way to deal with hard stuff. I’m super close with her as I’ve grown up. I think she’s my biggest fan in everything I do.” - Megan Kinneman

“My mom was very young when she had my brother and I, so it made it a little more of a tough childhood. Growing up on and off the field, whether it was in school or in sports, she made sure we got it done. My nickname for my mom is “Bird” because she always knew the sky was the limit for me. That was all the respect that I had for her being there for me and being hard on me, discipline-wise, when it came to life situations, whether it was sports or me becoming a mom as well.” - Jessica McDonald

“My mom is someone who runs her own law firm back at home, so I’ve always had an example of a strong woman in my life. I think that means more to me than she realizes. It’s someone who invests and sacrifices so much. Obviously the end goal when you’re a kid is not for you to be a pro, it’s for you to be happy. She worked her butt off, long days long nights early mornings to give me every opportunity that I could to have fun, not to be a professional soccer player, but just to enjoy what I was doing. There were a lot of games she has to miss to make everything possible and I know that was hard for her. At the same time, she made every game she possibly could. I could always pick her voice out. If you can picture an emotional Mexican woman, that was my mom with the craziest voice that got more nervous than anyone else in the stands. Her thing was to repeat what I would say in a more panicked voice, so she would always freak my team out. She is amazing and definitely at the top of the list for reasons why I play.”- Bianca Henninger

"My mom is one of my biggest role models. I find myself turning into her little by little every single day…it’s kind of funny how things remind me of her. She has supported my throughout my entire soccer career, she and my dad both have spent so many hours taking me to practice and watching my games. I could not thank them enough and I appreciate them more than anything in the world. I wouldn’t want any other parents!" - Carleigh Williams

04 May 9:55 am

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01 May 10:52 am

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29 April 5:20 pm

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28 April 10:10 am

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