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12 February 11:34 am

With the Dynamo set to begin the 2013 season in just 17 days – against D.C. United at BBVA Compass Stadium on March 2 – we are counting down to kickoff with a Dynamo-centric countdown to opening day. See bottom of this post for the complete countdown list.

Each day, we’ll post a short description of what makes the number significant. If you have any Dynamo-related numbers of your own, post them in the comment section below.

Today, we continue with #17:

The Dynamo scored 17 goals in the final 15 minutes of games in 2012. The number of late goals is easily a franchise record, eclipsing the previous mark of 14, set in 2011.

Houston rallied for 14 wins, salvaged a lot of important ties and completed an unbeaten home schedule in 2012. What is one thing that helps make all three possible? Late goals.

It is simple: A late goal can turn a tie into a win, a bad loss into a draw, and of course, preserve a home unbeaten streak and undefeated home season. The Dynamo specialized in late-game dramatics in 2012, with 17 goals after the 75th minute of regular season games. Houston scored a total of 48 regular season goals in 2012, with the goals in the final 15 minutes of matches accounting for a full 35% of its goals.

17 late goals in a season is historic, with only the 2012 San Jose Earthquakes (22) and 2009 Real Salt Lake (19) scoring more goals after the 75th minute in a season since the Dynamo entered the league in 2006. 

Consider this: With 17 goals after the 75th minute in 34 regular season games, the Dynamo averaged a late goal in half of their games. 

Now there are reasons why generally more goals are scored late in games. Players are tired and perhaps more mistake-prone, and teams that are desperate for a goal take more risks, leading to more goals in their favor and also leaving them vulnerable to allow a goal. Still, the Dynamo's 17 goals in the final 15 minutes of games set a franchise standard for clutch. 

Most late goals in a season (since 2006)

Year Club Late Goals (76th minute or later)
2012 San Jose Earthquakes 22
2009  Real Salt Lake 18
2012 Houston Dynamo 17


Late goals that helped the Dynamo achieve important results in 2012:

Date Opponent Goal scorer Minute  Result
March 12 @ Chivas USA Andre Hanianult 92+ 1-0 Win
April 21 @ Columbus Brian Ching 81 2-2 Draw
May 19 @ New England Luiz Camargo 87 2-2 Draw
June 16 FC Dallas  Adam Moffat  76 2-1 Win
June 20 Toronto FC Will Bruin 90 3-3 Draw
June 30 Philadelphia Brian Ching 82 2-1 Win
July 18 Sporting KC Calen Carr 79 2-1 Win
August 19 Columbus Adam Moffat 82 2-2 Draw
September 6 Real Salt Lake  Colin Clark  94+ 1-0 Win
September 29 New England Ricardo Clark 77 2-0 Win

Houston Dynamo late goals, year-by-year

Year Total goals Goals after 75th minute
2012 48 17
2011 45 14
2010 40 8
2008 45 8
2006 44 8
2009 39 5
2007 43 5

Complete Countdown to Opening Day List:

#18 - Dynamo have lost just 18 MLS home games in seven years

#19 - Dynamo finish 2012 with franchise best +19 home goal differential

#20 - Brad Davis' combined goals and assists in 2011 and 2012

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11 February 9:48 pm

With the Dynamo set to begin the 2013 season in just 18 days – against D.C. United at BBVA Compass Stadium on March 2 – we are counting down to kickoff with a Dynamo-centric countdown to opening day. See bottom of this post for the complete countdown list.

Each day, we’ll post a short description of what makes the number significant. If you have any Dynamo-related numbers of your own, post them in the comment section below.

Today, we continue with #18:

In seven seasons, the Houston Dynamo have played 119 MLS home games. They have lost only 18 of them. The win percentage is staggering - .714 - offering credence to the notion that Houston is the most difficult place to win in Major League Soccer. Many elements have played a part in the remarkable home success, including: great teams (4 MLS Cup appearances and 2 MLS Cup titles in 7 seasosn), great fans (21,015 average attendance in 2012; 4th best in MLS) and perhaps the most-discussed factor, the weatther.

Consider this: A third of Houston's 18 home losses occured in a single season, 2010, when the club went 6-6-3 at home. If you remove the 2010 season from the equation, the Dynamo have averaged just two MLS home losses per season. Outside of the 2010 season, the Dynamo have lost three or fewer home games in every season, and have twice recorded seasons with just one regular season loss: 2008 and 2009. 

18 home losses in 119 home games is a remarkable number, and with the Dynamo riding a 25-game regular season home unbeaten streak into 2013, the Dynamo will look to continue their home dominance. There are many reasons to come out to BBVA Compass Stadium in 2013. I think the fact that Houston has been the toughest place to win in Major League Soccer since the Dynamo arrived in 2006 should be near the top. Houstonians should be proud of their part in the home field advantage, and look forward to more home wins in 2013.

The Dynamo have the best regular season and postseason home win percentages in league history. The charts below detail the Dynamo's year-by-year home records and the top five home clubs in league history.

Dynamo year-by-year home records

Year Wins Losses Draws
2012 11 0 6
2011 10 3 4
2010 6 6 3
2009 8 1 6
2008 10 1 4
2007 8 3 4
2006 8 3 5
TOTAL 61 17 32

Best regular season home records, MLS history (minimum 20 games)

Team Wins Losses Draws Win %
Houston Dynamo 61 17 32 .700
LA Galaxy 155 65 43 .671
Seattle Sounders 35 14 15 .664
Chicago Fire 122 55 55 .644
Real Salt Lake 64 28 34 .643
D.C. United 144 72 46 .637

Best postseasons home records, MLS history (minimum 5 games)

Team Wins Losses  Draws Win %
Houston Dynamo 8 1 0 .889
Chicago Fire 17 2 3 .841
LA Galaxy 25 7 2 .765
D.C. United 13 3 5 .738
Sporting Kansas City 13 4 2 .737

Complete Countdown to Opening Day List:

#19 - Dynamo finish 2012 with franchise best +19 home goal differential

#20 - Brad Davis' combined goals and assists in 2011 and 2012

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11 February 11:06 am

With the Dynamo set to begin the 2013 season in just 19 days – against D.C. United at BBVA Compass Stadium on March 2 – we are counting down to kickoff with a Dynamo-centric countdown to opening day.

Each day, we’ll post a short description of what makes the number significant. If you have any Dynamo-related numbers of your own, post them in the comment section below.

See #20: The number of combined goals and assists for Brad Davis each of the last two seasons.

Today, we continue with #19: In 2012, the Dynamo set a franchise record with their best home goal-differential in team history, +19, with 31 home goals scored and just 12 home goals allowed.

It is no surprise it was such an impressive number after the club became just the fourth club in league history to complete an undefeated home schedule with an 11-0-6 regular season home record.

The 12 home goals allowed were the second-fewest in team history, after the 2007 club allowed just 11 home goals, although that was a 15-game home schedule, two games less than the 17-game home schedule in 2012.

The Dynamo, with the best home win percentage in league history and a current 30-game home unbeaten streak, have had some impressive home seasons. Here are the best in history, ranked by home goal difference:


2012 - 11-0-6 - 31 GF - 12 GA - +19 GD

2008 - 10-1-4 - 30 GF - 14 GA - +16 GD

2012 - 10-3-4 -32 GF - 20 GA - +12 GD

2007 - 8-3-4 - 22 GF - 11 GA - +11 GD    

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10 February 11:54 am

With the Dynamo set to begin the 2013 season in just 20 days – against D.C. United at BBVA Compass Stadium on March 2 – we will count down the 20 days with a Dynamo-centric countdown to opening day.

Each day, we’ll post a short description of what makes the number significant. We encourage you to post your own Dynamo-related numbers in the comment section below.

We begin the countdown with number 20:

20: The number of combined goals and assists for Brad Davis each of the last two seasons.

Davis has reached 20 each of the last two years, with 8 goals (a career-high) and 12 assists in 2012, after the dynamic midfielder reached 20 with 4 goals and 16 assists (another career-high) in 2011. The two seasons represent the best two of his career, and with his recent appearance for the U.S. national team and subsequent trip to Honduras for Wednesday’s World Cup qualifier, it is clear Davis is showing no signs of aging.

What makes Davis’ achievement each of the last two years most impressive is that no other player in Dynamo history has ever recorded 20 combined goals and assists in a single regular season. With household names like Brian Ching, Dwayne De Rosario, Stuart Holden and most recently, Will Bruin, it would seem like one player would’ve cracked 20 in a season. Some players have come close. The closest: Brian Ching, who reached 18 with 13 goals and 5 assists in 2008; Dwayne De Rosario, who hit 16 with 11 goals and 5 assists in 2006; and Will Bruin, who reached 16 as well, with 12 goals and 4 assists in the 2012 regular season.

Perhaps most impressive is that Davis holds four of the top five combined totals in team history, with Ching’s 18 in 2008 the only other season in the top five. Davis reached 17 in both 2009 and 2010, with identical seasons of 5 goals and 12 assists.

Will any Dynamo players crack 20 in 2013? Could it be Davis? With a full season of midfield partner Boniek Garcia helping pull the strings, it could happen. What about Bruin? With 16 in 2012, and four more goals in the postseason, he is knocking on the door. Don’t forget about Garcia, who made it halfway (10), with 4 goals and 6 assists in exactly half a season (17 games) in 2012. The Honduran seems primed for a big year in orange.

Best combined total of goals and assists in regular season, Dynamo history:

Player – Total – Goals, Assists – Year

Brad Davis – 20 – 8 goals, 12 assissts – 2012

Brad Davis – 20 – 4 goals, 16 assists – 2011

Brian Ching – 18 – 13 goals, 5 assists – 2008

Brad Davis – 17 – 5 goals, 12 assists – 2010

Brad Davis – 17 – 5 goals, 12 assists – 2009

Will Bruin – 16 – 12 goals, 4 assists – 2012

Dwayne De Rosario – 16 – 11 goals, 5 assists – 2006

Return to this blog on Monday for number 19 on our countdown to opening day.

09 February 6:02 pm

On Saturday, the Dynamo announced that the first five home games of 2013 are now sale to the general public. The first five games of the season represent some of the most important for the Dynamo, as they look to reassert themselves as a contender in the Eastern Conference.


The other important note about those games is that the Dynamo enter the 2013 season with a 30-game home unbeaten streak in all competitions. Real Salt Lake currently holds the all-time record with a 34-game unbeaten streak at home. If Houston gets through the first five games without a loss, they will pass RSL for the all-time record.

So who does Houston play in its first five games this year? Let’s take a look.

Game 1: Dynamo vs. D.C. United March 2 - 7 p.m.

The 2013 season opener is a rematch of last year’s Eastern Conference championship series. Houston has never lost to D.C. United at home, entering this year’s opener with a 7-0-1 home record in the regular season, with a +13 goal differential.

United is once again led by former Dynamo midfielder Dwayne De Rosario (pictured, right), who was part of the Canadian squad that tied the United States 0-0 at BBVA Compass Stadium on January 29.

Game 2: Dynamo vs. Santos Laguna March 5 – 7 p.m.

The Dynamo clinched a berth in the 2012-13 CCL quarterfinal round with a hard-fought 1-1 draw against Olimpia at home last October. As a reward for finishing first in the group, the Dynamo earned a date with Mexican club Santos Laguna, the 2011-12 CCL runner-up.

Santos brings a loaded squad to BBVA Compass Stadium including U.S. men’s national team forward Herculez Gomez (pictured, right), Mexican national team striker Oribe Peralta and former Mexican national team goalkeeper Oswaldo Sanchez. Entering the weekend, Santos is 2-1-2 in league play and sits in sixth place in LigaMX.

Game 3: Dynamo vs. Vancouver Whitecaps March 23 – 7:30 p.m.

The Dynamo will welcome the Vancouver Whitecaps to BBVA Compass Stadium for the first time this year, when the two squads square off on March 23. Both squads finished as the fifth seed in their respective conferences in 2012, but took very different paths once the playoffs began. The Dynamo defeated the Chicago Fire in the Wild Card round while the Whitecaps fell 2-1 to eventual champion LA Galaxy.

The Whitecaps will come to a Houston with a slew attacking talent including top draft picks Omar Salgado (No. 1 in 2011 SuperDraft), Darren Mattocks (pictured, right) (No. 2 in 2012 SuperDraft) and Kekuta Manneh (No. 4 in 2013 SuperDraft).

Game 4: Dynamo vs. San Jose Earthquakes March 30 – 7:30 p.m.

The Earthquakes took the league by storm in 2012, running away with the Supporters’ Shield and scoring a league-best 72 goals. San Jose is led by former Dynamo striker Chris Wondolowski, who has 65 goals in the past three seasons, including a record-tying 27 in 2012.

This will be San Jose’s first trip to BBVA Compass Stadium. The two sides met at AT&T Park last year with the Dynamo winning the match 1-0 on a Brad Davis penalty kick.

Game 5: Dynamo vs. Chicago Fire April 14 – 4 p.m.

Few teams were more active in the offseason than the Chicago Fire. Frank Klopas’ club brings back the core of a squad that finished 2012 fourth in the Eastern Conference, but added midfielders Dilly Duka (trade from Columbus) and Jeff Larentowicz (trade from Colorado) and forward Maicon Santos (Re-Entry Draft). With a full year of midfielder Chris Rolfe (pictured, right), you can expect the Fire to be a contender in the East once again.

The Dynamo are 3-2-3 all-time against the Fire in Houston, including two draws in their two home matches in 2012.


08 February 10:00 pm

The fun part about preseason is that this is the best opportunity for Dynamo fans to see their team up-close-and-personal. Almost all scrimmages are free and open to the public and as long as you can spare the time, you can sit only 15 feet from the field and watch your favorite players in action. This weekend is no different, as the Dynamo are hosting a slew of events to bring you closer to your favorite team. Here is the run-down:

Dynamo vs. SMU 10 a.m. Houston Amateur Sports Park

Houston's preseason continues with a matchup against Southern Methodist University at 10 a.m. at the Houston Amateur Sports Park. The Dynamo defeated SMU last year 4-0. Houston is currently 2-0 in this year's preseason against collegiate competition having defeated HBU 3-0 and 6-1. SMU finished their 2012 season 10-5-5. The Mustangs lost to Winthrop on penalty kicks in the first round of last year's NCAA tournament.

Saturday is another opportunity for Dynamo head coach Dominic Kinnear to evaluate his squad with less than four weeks until Houston's season opener against D.C. United. Four trialists remain in camp including: Jimmy Nealis (MLS SuperDraft pick), Anthony Arena (MLS Supplemental Draft pick), Mike Chabala (trialist) and Franck Songo'o (under contract with Portland, but training with Houston).

In addition to the trialists, Kinnear finally has a full squad in camp, as Boniek Garcia and Brad Davis returned today from their national team assignments. Look for Kinnear to slowly work Garcia and Davis back into the mix, as both players have been playing consistently with their respective national teams since early January.

Dynamo Fan Fest 12-4 pm BBVA Compass Stadium

On Saturday, the Dynamo will host their first Fan Fest at BBVA Compass Stadium. At Fan Fest, you'll be able to enjoy a number of exclusive Dynamo experiences as we prepare for our season opener vs. D.C. United on March 2. Saturday's event is free and open to the general public. Fans may also park for free in Lot C on the north side of the stadium.

Dynamo players Calen Carr, Corey Ashe, Omar Cummings, Brian Ching, Tally Hall, Cam Weaver, Giles Barnes, Kofi Sarkodie, Ricardo Clark, Adam Moffat, Tyler Deric, Luiz Camargo and Jason Johnson are all scheduled to appear! Click here for more information about the event.

Dynamo 360 5 pm KPRC Local 2

The next episode of Dynamo 360 airs at 5 p.m. Saturday on KPRC Local 2. Dynamo 360 is a studio show dedicated exclusively to the Houston Dynamo, with interviews, features and game highlights.

Dynamo 360 is hosted by KPRC Local 2 Sports Director Randy McIlvoy and includes studio interviews Dynamo head coach Dominic Kinnear, forward Will Bruin and broadcaster Glenn Davis.

Click here for a full preview of Saturday's show.

08 February 5:09 pm

Brad Davis discusses his first day back with the Houston Dynamo after an extended stay with the U.S. national team that included a trip to Honduras for a World Cup qualifier.

08 February 4:05 pm

Watch highlights from Houston's 6-1 win over HBU Tuesday night at Sorrels Field. Brian Ownby, Giles Barnes, Alex Dixon, Anthony Arena and Cam Weaver (2) provided the goals for Houston.

08 February 10:14 am

It's no secret that I'm a fan of the U.S. Open Cup. I love any tournament where am amateur team (Cal FC) has the opportunity to knock off a professional club (Portland).

It's the reason that everyone loves the NCAA tournament. We live for the upsets, the cinderellas and the great story lines. And the U.S. Open Cup is soccer's opportunity to captivate that same audience.

Unfortunately, despite the Open Cup entering its 100th year of existence, it still does not have the cache of college basketball's March Madness or England's FA Cup. But that's not through lack of trying from the guys at TheCup.US. Josh Hakala, the muscle behind the site, is one of the hardest working men in the business and has made it his mission to keep the public informed about the United States' longest running national soccer competition. But he can't do it alone.

TheCup.US is currently going under a massive redesign in honor of the tournament's 100th year and they are looking for support from the soccer community. The goal is to make the site more user friendly and allow fans to more easily access stats about their favorite players in the tournament. The site will also house box scores for every game that an MLS club participated in.

The fundraising campaign for the site ends Feb. 19. Click here for more information.

Follow the TheCup.US on Twitter.

Like the TheCup.US on Facbeook.

07 February 6:16 pm

Although it's a far cry from Víctor Estupiñán's statement that he would score 30 goals in his rookie season, Vancouver Whitecaps forward Darren Mattocks made headlines this week when he said he thought he could score 20 goals this year. Now I don't doubt that Mattocks has the talent to bag a ton of goals in MLS (this goal is definitely one of my favorites), but 20 goals for anyone, let alone a player entering his second full season of professional soccer, is a lot.

So it got the folks at thinking about which player in Major League Soccer could be the next 20-goal scorer. Last year, San Jose striker Chris Wondolowski became just the third player in the past ten years to score at least 20 goals in a season. Wondolowski finished with 27, falling one goal short of breaking Roy Lassiter's record for regular season goals.'s Nicholas Rosano listed three players who he thought could follow in Wondolowski's footsteps and be the league's next 20-goal scorer and No. 2 on his list was Dynamo forward Will Bruin.

In 2012, Bruin scored 12 regular season goals, seven more than his rookie campaign. He added another four goals in the postseason to set a Dynamo franchise record for goals in a year in all competitions.

Here is what Rosano had to say about Bruin's chances:

Not only will he be linking up with Brad Davis once more, he will also enjoy his first full season of play with Boniek García and Giles Barnes, midseason arrivals in 2012. The addition of Omar Cummings may deprive him of some opportunities, but it also gives the Dynamo the pace to stretch defenses, which Bruin can certainly benefit from.

After a strong national team camp, it is not a stretch to imagine a 20-goal season from Bruin and the increased USMNT chances that would follow. Plus, it would be a boon to my colleague the Armchair Analyst’s claim that the 23-year-old will net 200 career goals.

Bruin's first opportunity to leave a mark on the 2013 season will be March 2, when the Dynamo host D.C. United at BBVA Compass Stadium. United is a team Bruin has had prior success against, tallying six goals in five career regular season games with one additional goal in last year's postseason.

So will Bruin bag 20 in 2013 and be well on his way to Matt Doyle's prediction of 200 career goals? Let us know in the comments below!