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26 July 11:17 am

The Dynamo defeated the LA Galaxy, 3-0, on Saturday at BBVA Compass Stadium. Here are milestones and notes from the game:

  • The 3-0 victory equaled Houston's largest victory against the Galaxy, tying a 3-0 Dynamo win over the Galaxy on October 18, 2008 at Robertson Stadium.
  • The sellout crowd of 22,445 was a BBVA Compass Stadium-record
  • It was Brad Davis' 313th career regular-season start to tie Landon Donovan (313) and Brian Carroll (313) for seventh on the MLS all-time list.
  • Ricardo Clark played 89 minutes to reach 15,716 career regular-season minutes with the Dynamo and pass Bobby Boswell (15,672) for second on the club list.
  • It was Will Bruin’s tenth goal in all competitions this season (nine regular season goals, one U.S. Open Cup goal).
  • Bruin has nine goals in his last 14 regular-season games.
  • It was Leonel Miranda’s first Dynamo goal in MLS play. The Argentinian scored his first career goal in the U.S. Open Cup against the Austin Aztex.
  • Rasheed Olabiyi assisted on Miranda’s goal for his first Dynamo assist.
  • Defender Sheanon Williams made his Dynamo debut as a starter at right back after he was acquired by the Dynamo from the Philadelphia Union in a trade on Thursday.
  • Forward Erick “Cubo” Torres made his home debut, and 2015 regular-season debut as a substitute for Bruin in the 69th minute.


26 July 12:00 am

Below are postgame remarks following Saturday's game between the Dynamo and LA Galaxy, a 3-0 Houston win.

Dynamo head coach Owen Coyle and forward Will Bruin
Coyle's opening remarks on the win:

Yea, well I think we knew that we were going to play against the champions. Robbie was on two consecutive hat tricks and they scored five last week and have been in outstanding form, so we knew that it was going to be a tough game.  But we also knew as well that when we're at our maximum, we're capable of beating anybody in the league and we showed that tonight. I've said before and I said it to the players tonight after the game - the key to us moving forward is the consistency. I mean we're missing eight players tonight. We knew we played very well during the week at Kansas, even though we were obviously down to only ten men. But coming into tonight, it was important that we show everybody the qualities that the Dynamo have and we did - we scored three tonight, I'd say we could've done five or six. We kept out some very talented players - world class players in my mind, but that's a bit of a catalyst for us moving forward. It's one game, not two or three. After the Chicago game, a game we thought we could win. What we did do was we  turned the 1 to 3 at San Jose. We never, I think, performed to the level we needed to. It was nice to win back home. What? Seven of the last ten on the road. We've been in fantastic form. But again, those players tonight, and Will Bruin led the line again, as he does and I'm so pleased with him because he's developed into a real top class [player] in my mind. He scored a wonderful goal and ran himself into the ground. We talked about some fresh legs coming in in Erick "Cubo" Torres and I get Giles Barnes back. I believe I can find a front three in Barnes, Bruin, and Torres that can compliment with the other quality that we have. It was a big result that we craved and one we needed to give everybody a lift.

Will, nine goals for you - congratulations on that.

The one thing I think about is - for thirty minutes in Kansas City, coming off a bad result in Salt Lake, the staff said at half time for those thirty minutes before the red card, we set the standard now. That's how we should play. Like [Owen] said, you can't play great and then play awful, play great and then play awful. We're certainly not where we want to be right now. But what we've down is in the past. All we can control is every game, week in, week out, and if we play like that, then I think we're going to be looking at making a run for the playoffs come October.

Will, you are a guy that a lot of people talked about and kind of dismissed before the season with the addition of Torres. You've now scored nine goals. How much pride do you take in your production this year and have kind of proven some of that wrong.

My whole career, I've proven people wrong, so it's nothing new to me. I've always said I play with a chip on my shoulder. That's how I am. There's always something else, something that's coming at me. I control what I can control and that's how I play on the field. Everything else that comes with it is just outside noise and if I take care of myself, I know I can be a top striker in this league and score goals. I just let my play speak for itself.

Coyle, in response to same question.

I think he does himself a disservice. He's been outstanding. I think it's nine league goals. He also scored in the Cup during the week. As you know, even in the start of the season when he would come out for a few games, I was speaking to him on a daily basis because I really believed in what I had. He's a far more rounded player. I'll tell you what - even when he hasn't scored, he's been a delight to me. From day one, I've told him, he's a huge part of what we're doing and I believe I can compliment them all together. Alex Lima did well tonight - as did Leonel Miranda. That's a young kid who we spoke highly of during the summer. And of course people think "well, why has he not played as much?" It's an adaptation period. He comes from a different culture, a different style of football, but I saw him four weeks ago and you and I spoke about this - the development of his game. His goal tonight was the icing on the cake. His performance, not just tonight, but over the last four or five games. He's come out and he's really shown a real flare.

Dynamo midfielder Leonel Miranda (translated from Spanish)

How sweet of a moment was it to score that goal?

Everything happened so quickly. I was actually dead. I was trying to finish the play as quickly as possible because I was so tired. So you know, it was one of those things - the adrenaline drove the play. I put out the fastest shot that I could and luckily it went in.

Owen talked about you progressing. He said he's something a little different in you in the last four weeks. Has something clicked for you or changed for you in the last month?

The Open Cup really helped me out in terms of confidence and allowing me to develop a rhythm. Those ninety minutes that I played really helped me out in terms of getting into a particular groove and of course scoring that goal also helped me out a lot.

Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena

Dealing with that heat and humidity, do you think that was the cause…?

The other team dealt with the same conditions.
Talk about what Houston did. They seemed to play a lot of high pressure on you guys and…

Yeah and obviously they’re a little more adjusted to this environment than we are. When you’re on the road and you concede a goal in the first eight minutes you put yourself behind the eight ball and we certainly did that.
What was your impression of David Romney and Ariel Lassiter?

Romney did a good job. Lassiter, he’s a young kid but Romney, on the night could have been our best player.
How would you rate how Steven Gerrard did in this heat?

Just okay. It’s not a good game to have to put him through. Obviously he’s trying to get himself fit and these conditions are very difficult for that. You could see he was fatigued at the end of both halves and maybe we could have utilized him in a reserve role as opposed to starting him tonight.
You took out Bradford Jamieson IV in the 45th minute. Was that just your decision…?

It just looked like he struggled physically. He looked to be pretty tired and he had a difficult time out there the last 15 minutes of the first half.
Can you share your strategy going into the match?

To win.
This is not the first time you’ve played a game in Houston, in the conditions--

Right, well the strategy was not to give up a goal in the first eight minutes. That was the strategy.
When that doesn’t work, what adjustments do you make?

Try to get a goal back. It’s not rocket science out there. Anyone else??

Galaxy defender David Romney

Bruce said after the game that he felt like you were the team’s best player. How do you respond?

I was kind of thrown into the fire right there. Especially playing in the heat; I’m not really used to that. I actually cramped in the 49th minute so I just had to muscle it out and just play as hard as I could. I played pretty conservative, in my eyes, in the first half. Just played as simple as I could so that I could find my feet and then started to make more risky moves in the 2nd half which was far more fun.
You say you played conservatively but you made a few blocks to stop them. how’d that make you feel?

I think I did pretty well. Definitely not as good as I would have wanted but I think I did pretty good for a rookie.
You’re the first Galaxy II player to start for the first team. How does that make you feel?

It means a lot. Growing up in Irvine, this being my favorite team, my favorite club, it’s an honor to play for this team. Regarding the call-up, they’ve had a lot of injuries, Robbie is obviously on suspension, so a lot of things had to happen for me to get this opportunity but I think I’ve been playing well enough to deserve it. I played good minutes against Club America and against Barcelona.
Do you think you’re going to get more minutes as the season goes on?

That’s all up to them. I’m just gonna keep working hard and things will come.
What do you think that they did? They pressured you guys a lot and then this heat only makes things more difficult.

The heat played a pretty big part for both teams. We didn’t really create too much in the final third. I think that had a lot to do with me coming out of the back, I just didn’t get guys in good spots. But that’s just stuff we have to improve on. There were a lot of new guys in there. Me, there’s a lot of guys missing from international duty so it’s kind of hard to get that offensive creativity going without having a lot of time to practice together. That’ll slowly work itself out.
Galaxy forward Robbie Keane

Is that (apparent injury) from when they piled on top of you after that shot?

I don’t know. Not sure. Something happened in the first half. I felt something and then at halftime it started to stiffen up and then obviously after the game I can’t lift it over my head. I can’t remember which incident it was.
Does it feel serious? Is it something that will cause you to miss games?

Obviously, I don’t know. I’ve just seen the trainers. When you can’t lift it over your head there’s obviously something wrong. I’m hoping that it’s not too bad.
They seemed content to just beat you guys up all game. And then the heat: that made things tough.

We killed ourselves. Eight minutes into the game, we conceded a sloppy goal and then another goal. That’s two goals that we could’ve avoided. And then when you’re playing away from home in that humidity, it’s always difficult when you’re chasing the game. Tonight we made it hard on ourselves.
How difficult was it playing in this heat?

Yeah, it was tough. It was tough. It’s the same for both teams. Obviously they’re more used to it than we were. It certainly is tough. But we made it tough on ourselves because you can’t concede an early goal away from home, especially in this heat. They’re more used to playing in this heat so they know how to control the game when they go a goal up and that was the case.
Was it difficult playing with this kind of squad? You had two Galaxy II players in the lineup. Did you feel like maybe the connections weren’t there?

No excuses. I thought Dave did very well at left back. He looked very comfortable. The other lads came in when it was a lost cause really. We were losing the game. Certainly they weren’t to blame. Listen, we’ve only got ourselves to blame. We were sloppy in the first half. The first 20 minutes weren’t good enough and we punished ourselves for that.
You always talk about winning on the road and that streak continues. What’s it gonna take?

I don’t know. Just have to keep plugging away. Eventually it’s gonna happen. Hopefully sooner rather than later.
How do you cope when you lose like this?

As far as I’m concerned it’s over. Finished.


25 July 12:37 pm

The Dynamo host the LA Galaxy for the only time this season Saturday at 8 p.m. at BBVA Compass Stadium. The game is sold out and will be broadcast on ROOT SPORTS SW alternate channel. Here are some notes ahead of the game.

  • Dynamo head coach Owen Coyle will face some difficult lineup decisions, with up to eight players unavailable. DaMarcus Beasley (U.S.) and Giles Barnes (Jamaica) are with their national teams at the CONCACAF Gold Cup, Kofi Sarkodie and Luis Garrido are suspended, and Jermaine Taylor (quad tear; out), Boniek Garcia (adductor strain; out), Rob Lovejoy (hamstring strain; doubtful) and Alex Lima (concussion; questionable) are recovering from injuries.
  • Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena will have his own lineup questions, with up to seven players in doubt. Alan Gordon, Omar Gonzalez and Gyasi Zardes (U.S.) and Jaime Penedo (Panama) are at the Gold Cup, Robbie Rogers is suspended and Jose Villarreal (leg) and Baggio Husidic (calf) are both questionable.
  • Ricardo Clark and Raul Rodriguez are both on yellow-card warning and would be suspended for next Saturday’s game at Sporting Kansas City if they receive a caution tonight. Husidic is also on warning for the Galaxy.
  • The referee is Silviu Petrescu, who has been in the center for 100 MLS games and issued 14 red cards and awarded 18 penalty kicks. Petrescu was the referee for the 2012 MLS Cup between the Dynamo and Galaxy and was named 2012 MLS Referee of the Year.
  • The Galaxy are winless (0-5-5) on the road in MLS play this season and have not won a league game away from home since August 20, 2014, a 4-3 win at Colorado. The Galaxy did win on the road in the U.S. Open Cup, a 1-0 triumph at San Jose on July 1.
  • Brad Davis has now made 312 career regular-season starts and can tie Landon Donovan (313) and Brian Carroll (313) for seventh on MLS all-time list with a start tonight.
  • Ricardo Clark has tallied 15,627 career regular-season minutes with the Dynamo and can pass Bobby Boswell (15,672) for second on the club list with 46+ minutes vs. the Galaxy.
  • Will Bruin has 11,384 career minutes in all competitions with Houston and can surpass Geoff Cameron (11,471) for 10th on the franchise list with 88+ minutes tonight.
  • Galaxy forward Robbie Keane comes to Houston with two hat tricks in his last two league games – and three in all competitions this season. The back-to-back hat tricks were a second in MLS history after Eddie Johnson did it in the 2007 season. (Note courtesy Rick Lawes, MLS Communications)
  • Keane, the 2014 MLS MVP, has seven goals and three assists in the last five games, with three of the goals from the penalty spot. He has 15 multiple-goal games for his league career, now eighth on the all-time list (via Rick Lawes).
  • Will Bruin recorded his 50th goal in all competitions with the Dynamo in Tuesday’s U.S. Open Cup defeat at Sporting KC.
  • Bruin, in his fifth season with Houston, is the second player in Dynamo history to record 50 career goals. Brian Ching, the club leader, tallied 69 goals in 224 career games with Houston. Bruin has 50 career goals in 156 career games in all competitions with the Dynamo.
  • Dynamo forward Erick “Cubo” Torres made his first appearance with the Dynamo on Tuesday at Sporting KC, entering for Bruin in the 64th minute. Torres signed as a Designated Player in December but was loaned back to his childhood club Chivas Guadalajara for the spring season in Liga MX. Torres is set for his home debut against the Galaxy.
  • It’s also a possible Dynamo debut for defender Sheanon Williams (pronounced: Shane-en) after he was acquired by the Dynamo on Thursday in a trade with the Philadelphia Union. Williams, 25, appeared in 141 regular-season games in six seasons with the Union, averaging 29 appearances per season over the last four years.
  • The Galaxy have won four of their last five league games, outscoring opponents 20-6.
  • The all-time series between Houston and LA has been tight, with the Dynamo holding a slight edge, with an 8-7-5 mark against the Galaxy. The series has also been low-scoring, with the Dynamo outscoring the Galaxy 22-20 in 20 all-time regular-season meetings.
  • Tonight is also set to be Galaxy midfielder Steven Gerrard’s first road game in MLS after joined the Galaxy last month. The former England national team captain (114 caps) appeared in over 500 games in 17 seasons with Liverpool, including man of the match honors as Liverpool won the 2005 UEFA Champions League Final.






22 July 2:18 pm

Once again, Tyler Deric is up for MLS Save of the Week.

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21 July 5:29 pm

A few weeks ago, we invited out a couple popular Houston Instagrammers to takeover the Dynamo Instagram account for the June 5 match and the results were spectacular. Just see for yourself.


A photo posted by Houston Dynamo (@houstondynamo) on

The feedback was so amazing that we've decided to do it again.

Get familiar with local photographer @dhin3z. He'll be the man behind the lens on July 25th when your Dynamo square off against the LA Galaxy.

A photo posted by Daemaine Hines (@dhin3z) on

Give him a follow and stay tuned for another awesome takeover!

Saturday's match is nearing capacity so get your tickets while they're still available.

15 July 3:30 pm

Tune in to Yahoo! Sports Radio 1560 AM tonight from 7-9 p.m. for a new episode of Dynamo All-Access, presented by Houston Community College. 

Dynamo TV broadcaster Glenn Davis will speak with new Nigerian midfielder Rasheed Olabiyi, who debuted in Friday's 2-0 win at San Jose after signing with the Dynamo on Thursday.  Davis will also speak with Will Bruin after he scored his eighth goal of the season on Friday and Ricardo Clark, who also scored on Friday to match his career-high with four goals. Finally, Davis will hold his weekly interview with head coach Owen Coyle and the pair will discuss the trade of Dynamo veteran Corey Ashe and the upcoming two-city road trip to face Real Salt Lake and Sporting Kansas City.

Click here to listen to a live stream.

Dynamo All-Access is a weekly show on 1560 AM covering the Dynamo and Houston Dash and usually airs on Wednesday or Thursday from 7-9 p.m. CT.

14 July 11:08 pm

Once again, Tyler Deric is up for MLS Save of the Week.

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11 July 1:19 am

All of the insider information and exclusive content you need on ROOT Sports! Be sure to check out Dynamo All-Access at the following times. CHANNEL LISTINGS

Broadcast Date
9:00:00 PM
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4:30:00 PM
12:00:00 AM
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02 July 2:40 pm

Houston Dash and U.S. Women's National Team star Carli Lloyd will join Glenn Davis tonight at 7 p.m. CT on Soccer Matters on ESPN 97.5 FM (KFNC). 

Lloyd had a goal and assist in Tuesday's 2-0 semifinal victory over Germany and has been named Player of the Match in three straight games. Lloyd has played every minute of the six games this tournament and has three goals and an assist. Lloyd will try to continue her penchant for big plays in big games on Sunday as the U.S. face Japan in the Women's World Cup Final (6 p.m. CT on Fox and NBC Universo). Lloyd scored the winning goal in the Gold Medal Match at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics.  

Lloyd, Morgan Brian and Meghan Klingenberg each started in Tuesday's win over Germany. The Dash trio are set to return to the Dash for a World Cup homecoming on July 12 against the Chicago Red Stars at BBVA Compass Stadium (TICKETS). 

Click here to listen to a live stream.

Davis will also give away tickets for the July 12 Dash game on tonight's show. Call 713-780-3776 to win tickets or to talk Women's World Cup, Houston Dash and Houston Dynamo.

Soccer Matters is a weekly soccer show that typically airs from 7-9 p.m. on Tuesday's on ESPN 97.5 FM.

01 July 1:52 pm

The Houston Dynamo Academy U-18 team has scorched through the first three rounds of the U.S. Soccer Development Academy playoffs and landed a spot in the quarterfinals.

Come out to Houston Sports Park on July 7 (5:30 p.m. kickoff) to cheer on the future of Houston Dynamo soccer as they face the Chicago Fire Academy. Admission is free and open to the public.

See you there!