Make-up by MW Face

Favorite thing about Houston: My friends and family.

Favorite Dynamo Player: Will Bruin

Favorite artist: Carrie Underwood

What is your favorite Dynamo moment? The moment when we score a goal and the roar of the fans is so loud that it gives me chills! 

What would you like to tell you fans? Thank you for all of your support. Y'all make us so proud when we are on the field. It makes all of our hard work worth it. 

How has being a Dynamo Girl changed your life?: It has made me appreciate our city and the people even more as well as made my love for soccer even greater. 

Hometown: Houston, TX

Occupation: I am a student, studying nursing.

Favorite food: I love everything but eggs! 

Favorite place to visit: Cayman Island 

What made you audition for the team? I wanted to try something out of my comfort level because I was used to military style of dance and I really wanted to try hip-hop dancing. 

Most important in your life? My parents are the most important thing in my life because they have given me a great life and I hope to return it one day. 

Childhood Cartoon: Tom and Jerry!

Trademark expression: When I laugh really hard, my eyes start to water

One thing that I cannot live without ... Humor.

Word that best describes you... Independent. 

Photography by Bryan Anderson
Dancer photo make-up - Mayra Ponce