Make-up by MW Face

Favorite thing about Houston: I love the rodeo!

Favorite Dynamo player: Tally Hall

Favorite community appearance: My favorite community appearance was when we went to an elementary school to give the students tips on how to ace the task test. I enjoyed it because all of the kids were amazed at seeing cheerleaders in their school, and were really interested in what we had to say. I took this as an opportunity to encourage them to study and work hard, because in the long run it will pay off.

What is your advice to young dancers that want to be where you are now? My advice is to never give up. Take dance classes and really commit to it. When the time is yours, it will happen.

Occupation: A saleswoman at a Guitar Shop.

Favorite food: Mexican! My mother's flautas and fajitas! I also have a weird addiction for hot wings.

Favorite music artist: Prince Royce

Childhood nickname: Ash

Role Model: My mom - I am so proud of her.

What made you audition for the team? I love the energy and the spunk of the Dynamo Girls.

Accomplishment you are proud of: Balancing work, school, Dynamo appearances, rehearsals and games.

What is one goal that you have? To graduate with my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration.

Hidden talent: I can play the clarinet .. but not as good as when I was younger :)

Photography by Bryan Anderson
Dancer photo make-up - Mayra Ponce