Make-up by MW Face

What is something most people don't know about you? I used to want to play soccer, but my high school track team's program was year round.

Hobbies and Interests: Dancing, sketching, personal shopping, sewing, and watching movies.

Favorite fan moment: Witnessing some of the fans calling the DG's out by name so they could throw the t-shirts their way during the t-shirt toss. It's great being able to interact so closely with the fans on game day. It truly makes this professional dance experience unlike any other.

Best part of being a Dynamo Girl: I have never danced so much and worked so hard to become a better dancer. The interaction that takes place with us and the fans is very rare for pro cheer teams but it makes the experience even better.

Favorite part of game: Hearing the fans sing: "Ole, ole ole ole. Ole, ole!"

Occupation: Dance Instructor

Favorite things about Houston: The weather (I hate the cold!), BBQ and mexican food.

Favorite place to visit: Caribbean Islands: Grenada, Barbados, Bahamas

Word that best describes you: Optimistic

Favorite Childhood Cartoon: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Childhood nickname: Janna Janna Bofanna.

What made you audition for the team: I really like the style of dance the team possesses, and the bond the team has with Lu and each other.

Accomplishment are you proud of: Competing on a collegiate level in Track and Field.

Accomplishment you still hope to fufill: Open multiple dance studios.

Photography by Bryan Anderson
Dancer photo make-up - Mayra Ponce

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