Make-up by MW Face

Hometown, State: Long Beach, California

Occupation/s: Elementary Teacher

What made you audition for the team?:  I auditioned for the team because I love the style of dance and all of the girls have an extraordinary level of talent. Also, I love how the organization is always out in the community. It shows that they truly care about the city and really want to make it a better place for everyone.

Favorite thing about Houston: I love that most of my family lives here

Favorite Dynamo Player: Brad Davis

Favorite Color: Brown and Turquoise

Favorite Song: Starships by Nicki Minaj

Favorite Artist: Adele

Favorite place to visit: Savannah, Georgia. It's such a beautiful
historic town!

Favorite Food: Pizza with lots of pepperoni! There's no such thing as
too much pepperoni!

Favorite Movie: Jurassic Park. I'm obsessed with dinosaurs!

Accomplishments you are proud of: Graduating from college with honors

Trademark Expression... Don't Judge Me

Most Important in your life?: The most important things in my life would definitely have to be God, my family and friends, and learning new things everyday.

Childhood Cartoon: I grew up watching I Love Lucy and Gilligan's Island

Word that best describes you... Ambitious

One thing I cannot live without: My iPhone! I have to have it with me every second of the day!

Aside from dancing, my ideal job would be... Either Terrorism Analysis or be a Paleontologist

What would you like to tell the fans? I would just like to say thank you for all the support! We truly do have the best fans in the world!

How has being a Dynamo Girl changed your life? Being a Dynamo Girl has changed my life in countless ways! It has given me the opportunity to share my passion of dance with thousands of people. I love being able encourage other to follow their dreams!


Photography by Bryan Anderson
Dancer photo make-up - Mayra Ponce

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