Make-up by MW Face

Hidden talent: Cooking! I'm an undercover chef!

Favorite fan moment: When a Dynamo fan gave me a "Thank you" card for giving him my hat.  AWWWWWW!

Don't tell anyone, but... I wanted to be a singer when I was younger. I even put together a group and we rehearsed and everything.

What is an accomplishment you still hope to fulfill? I have my own Wedding and Event planning business and I hope to open my own daycare. I would want both of these endeavors to be successful.

What is your advice to young dancers? Make sure you know what your strengths and weaknesses are, and you show off your strengths and work hard to improve your weaknesses.

Occupation: Pre-kindergarten Teacher

Favorite Dynamo Player: Geoff Cameron

Favorite food: Any type of Mexican food

Childhood nickname: Iky burr ---Don't ask, my dad made it up!

What made you audition for the team? Well I always wanted to dance, but because I ran track, I never had time. So when I graduated from college I decided it was my time to dance.

Role Model: My parents because they raised four crazy kids.

Accomplishment you are proud of: Getting a full scholarship to college and graduating in 4 years. 

Photography by Bryan Anderson
Dancer photo make-up - Mayra Ponce