Watermill Express and Dynamo Go Green

Watermill Express provides water for Houston Dynamo Street Team for 2010 season

Watermill Express,
the nation’s largest drive-up vendor of pure drinking water, and the Houston
Dynamo are proud to “Go Green” at more than 400 community soccer events to take
place in Houston this summer. As part of
the Dynamo Street Team, Watermill Express will provide 20,000 gallons of drinking
water, eliminating the need for up to 160,000 plastic bottles from being thrown
away during this year’s events.

“We are so appreciative to have Watermill Express on
board,” said Tiffani Simmons, Grassroots Marketing Coordinator for the Houston
Dynamo. “Our team worked over 400 events last year, and a huge majority of them
were outdoors. It is so great to know
that they will be hydrated when out in the community.”

For more information or for a list of the Houston
Dynamo Street Team events, click here.