Challenge Day 2010

Houston residents compete in international competition

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On May 19th, Houston
is urging its residents to participate in Challenge Day 2010, an international
competition to see which city has the most active residents.

Each city is paired with another city to enhance the
competition. Last year, Houston finished with a higher percentage of residents
exercising than Monterrey, Mexico. This year, Houston
is up against Rome, Italy.

Doug Earle, Deputy Director of the Houston
Parks and Recreation Department, is
leading the cause for the city of Houston.

“Obviously we would like people to exercise every day,”
Earle said. “But we hope that people
will at least come out and support the cause on May 19.”

Challenge Day began in 2005 out of Brazil. On the third Wednesday of May each year since,
more and more international cities have accepted the call and urged their
residents to exercise.

“In 2005, we had 340,000 participants,” Earle said. “Last year we had more than 852,000, and this
year our goal is a million.”

To participate in the event, one must exercise for a minimum
of 15 minutes and report your results to
To be counted, results must be reported
by Thursday, May 20.

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