Res Elite Camp: Day 2

Futsal, full-field games highlight first full day of training


Photo Credit: 
Michael Fasching / Houston Dynamo

Today kicked off the first full day of the 2010 Houston
Dynamo Residential Elite Camp, presented by Statoil. The Academy hopefuls started their day with an egg and
pancake breakfast and some quality World Cup matches. The campers then broke for their first
session of the day, covering defensive tactics and strategies.

After finishing their training, the players were instructed
through a classroom lecture covering the basic principles of the 4-4-2
formation. They were shown the benefits and strategies of the setup while also
applying the defensive teachings from the morning into the lecture.

>>Photos from the Dynamo Residential Elite Camp<<

A lunch of cold-cut sandwiches were then served, with
more World Cup action followed by the beginning of a four-day long “futsal
world cup” where the players have a chance to showcase their individual skills
in a different setting of play.

Following the futsal matches, the players were instructed
through another training session before beginning the pregame warm up for the
11 v. 11 games. A total of three full-sided games were played, with an abundance of
spectacular shots, saves, and overall stellar performances by all of the

The games started off with a hard-fought match between ’97
and ’98 boys. Denny Mesic scored to give the ’98s a 1-0 win. After that game,
the ’96s played the ’95s. Ivan Ramirez
had a spectacular game, coming away with two goals to bring the ’95 boys to a
2-0 win. In the last match, the second
’96 team played the ’94s. Jose Ixcol scored a hat trick, with Diego
Sanchez and Robert Carter each adding one for the ’96 boys
to rout the ’94 boys, 5-0.

Chicken alfredo was served for dinner before another vigorous round of futsal matches started. The campers then headed back to their
dorms for pizza snacks. Then it was off to bed to prepare for another day of fast
paced, high quality training.