Houston suffers another setback

Dynamo miss out on final as their season's theme continues


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Wilf Thorne/Houston Dynamo

The Houston Dynamo continued their frustrating season on Thursday night, falling 1-0 to
Monarcas Morelia in the SuperLiga semifinals.


most of the match, Houston and Morelia battled on a fairly level
playing field with both teams creating quality chances on goal.
However, Houston left the night upset and with a loss, a common theme
this year for the Dynamo.

“It’s a game that could have been
won by either team, and they took advantage of their chances,” said
Dynamo head coach Dominic Kinnear. “It was one goal, and both sides had
chances. They get a goal, and then we spent a lot of time pushing

The game included several patented trademarks of
U.S.-Mexico competitions. Morelia had stretches with more possession and
created several dangerous chances early in the night. However, Houston
was effective on the counter and on set pieces. Later in the match, the
game turned physical with some pushing, several cards, and words

“It was a feisty game, but that is expected anytime you
play against a team from [Mexico],” noted forward Dominic Oduro. “I
don’t think it was anything we haven’t seen before. Things like that
happen when you play against [teams from Mexico].”

officiating was a bit of a sore spot for Kinnear. Not so much for one
particular play that turned the game, but the general lack of control Costa Rican referee Walter Quesada had over the entire night.

“I’m sorry to say it,
but I’m completely frustrated [with the officiating]," said Kinnear. "We
walk on the field here wanting fairness, wanting stability, and wanting
strength from the guy in the middle, but it’s not going to happen.

don’t think the referee [was able to] handle this type of situation,”
continued Kinnear. “I think the allowance of time wasting [was]
disappointing, because I thought we put enough into it to get at least a
goal and maybe send it to penalties later on.”

Five minutes of injury time was added in the
second half, and Quesada let it run to 6 minutes, 48 seconds with Houston threatening late, but it could have been even longer given Morelia's lengthy protests at the red card to Adrian Aldrete. Regardless, the
officiating and the disappointing exit left the Dynamo frustrated on the

“Disappointed, as I think we could have [won],” said
Dominic Oduro. “We tried hard to equalize, but it didn’t go our way.
Disappointing game for us, but what else can we do? We just have to keep
our heads up and move on.”

Dwain Capodice is a contributor to MLSsoccer.com. Questions or comments can be sent via email to dwaincapodice@gmail.com.