Koke Q&A translated

Spanish forward excited to play for Houston Dynamo


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Questions by Gustavo Rangel of FutbolMLS.com, translation courtesy of FutbolMLS.com.

Even though he had offers to stay in Europe, Houston Dynamo’s new forward
Sergio Koke Contreras is looking forward to play in MLS. The Malaga, Spain
native comes to Houston fully trusting his abilities and firmly believes that he
will achieve great things in the U.S.

FutbolMLS.com spoke on the phone with Koke, as the former Aris player awaits
for the transaction of his International Transfer Certificate so he can
make the move overseas and join his new club.

Why was it so important to you to come and play in MLS?

“I believe that there are more and more important players coming to the
United States. From what I’ve seen, it’s a beautiful country and it’s a world
power. That makes me think that in the future the league will be one of the most
important ones around the world and that at some point it will be at the same
level with the best European championships.”

What was your reaction when you were told that Houston Dynamo was interested
in you?

“I was told about a month ago, but I wasn’t really excited because my
contract situation with Aris wasn’t the best and [I thought] they wouldn’t let
me leave. Fortunately, after some negotiations, things worked out in a way that
allowed me to leave, and now I’m very happy to be able to go to the United

Why didn’t Aris want to let you leave their club?

“I was at Aris for five years, and I told them of my desire to leave, but they
didn’t want to in part because the fans were very affectionate towards me. I owe
a lot to Aris, but it was time to look for something new, and even though the
fans over there were sad, I think they understood that it was time for me to
look for a new phase in my career. It was sad to say goodbye to them because it
was a privilege that so many people love you. I hope to win the love of the Houston
fans in the same way.”

What do you know about the Dynamo and MLS?

“The truth is that I don’t know a lot about the style of play used [in the
U.S.] nor the system used by the Dynamo. However, that doesn’t worry me much; I
trust my abilities and I know I can be of use in the team.”

Are you worried about adapting to this new country?

“I’m not worries about anything really, maybe the first couple of days, but
in terms of the game, I’m not worried. I trust myself and I come from a team
that played at a high level, in UEFA. We played against teams like Manchester
City and Atletico Madrid, so I know I can compete at the top level. I’ve also
spent a long time away from Spain and I’ve never had problems

How would you describe your playing style?

“I’m one of those players who like the 'tiki taka,' like they say in Spain. I
like to play the ball and share it with my teammates. In terms of technique, I
think I have good control of the ball and a good shot.”