Team News

Take a look at the new primary uniform for the Dynamo in 2015
Campaign pays homage to team’s history, celebrates new era, highlights diversity and unity
Houston’s regional sports network to broadcast all 22 non-national TV games in 2015
Coyle's enthusiasm for soccer and his players shines through in each training session

Dynamo TV

An offseason of changes has ushered in a new era for the Dynamo beginning on March 7
Dynamo TV takes you inside the launch of the team's new uniform
The Pulp delves into the history of Zach Steinberger's family name, first road trip and more
Ride with Cubo Torres and Dynamo TV as he arrived in Houston to meet Dynamo fans last week

Dash News

Individual tickets for the Dash home opener vs. the Washington Spirit are available now!
Renew your Season Tickets for 2015 by Dec. 19 and win one of our amazing incentives!

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