Robertson Stadium Parking Advisory

Robertson Stadium Parking Map

On July 18, the University of Houston will begin construction on a new parking structure next to Robertson Stadium.

How This Will Affect Your...


  • Parking around the stadium is limited but there is ample parking within a short walk of the stadium in the green and blue lots indicated on the map.
  • Parking around the stadium will fill quickly, so it is recommended that you arrive early to park close. Lots open three hours prior to kickoff.
  • Prices stay the same. Lots adjacent to stadium are $10, and all other lots remain $5.
  • On August 1st, additional parking will open on Cullen Blvd. just north of Elgin St.


  • Responsible tailgating for Dynamo games is permitted in all lots in the spot occupied by your car.
  • Due to space restrictions in the stadium lots, only one car per spot is permitted. Holding spots or occupying additional spots with a tailgate will not be permitted.
  • Several sidewalks and grassy areas currently used for tailgating will be unavailable. Alternative grassy areas for tailgating are available in the red and green lots.

... Gameday?

  • All normal stadium gates will be available for game access. Additionally Gate 12 on the Cullen Blvd. side of the stadium will be open beginning with the Dynamo Charities Cup on July 20.
  • Greenstar SoccerFest will remain in the same location outside of the stadium on the Cullen Blvd. side.
  • Box Offices and Will Call will stay in the same location inside of Greenstar SoccerFest.