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About Diesel’s Skill Builders

Diesel’s Skill Builders is an innovative school and outreach program from the Houston Dynamo and Dash inspired by Tom Byer’s Soccer Starts at Home® , a world-renowned development philosophy designed for young children ages 4-8 and more specifically, their Parents and the schools in our Greater Houston community.

When visiting the participating schools with the Diesel’s Skill Builder program,  our professionally trained staff will teach the kids fundamental ‘ball mastery’ skills that are designed to help develop balance, coordination, agility and a sense of achievement in a fun and motivating method.

Where this differs from other youth programs is that you, the Parent, are the key to success!  The program encourages and guides Parents to engage positively with their young child, inside the home, or out in the yard, a little bit each day (20 minutes) utilizing the ball mastery skills that are made available on this Video Skills Library page. 

Research has shown that developing new skills- whether in sports, music or the arts –at an early age, jump-starts the cognitive development in young minds. When following Diesel’s Skill Builders Program, there will be benefits that give your child  a ‘flying start’ in the sport of soccer and the game of life!