South Texas Academy

On September 27, 2007, the Dynamo announced the creation of the Dynamo South Texas Academy as the franchise’s first satellite academy. The Dynamo and the McAllen Youth Soccer Association will partner to develop young talent in the Rio Grande Valley region of South Texas with DSTA teams, which will train and compete in several South Texas cities, including McAllen, Harlingen, and Brownsville.

A maximum pool of 36 players will be selected for each age group, and players from each age group will have the opportunity to be designated as Dynamo home-grown players. Many have trained with the full Dynamo Academy, and the DSTA participates each year in the Dynamo Academy College Combine, showcasing their skills for college recruiters.

The Academy curriculum will focus on the four corners of player development: technical, social, psychological and physical, using the latest coaching techniques and methodology. The players will be trained under the direction of head coach Gary Hamilton (University of Texas- Brownsville) and assistant coach Albert Flores (McAllen), overseen by head coach Dominic Kinnear and James Clarkson, the Dynamo's director of youth development.

General Information:

  • Academy philosophies and curriculum will be endorsed by the Dynamo head coach
  • Participation will not affect college eligibility
  • This system will allow players to remain with their current club team
  • Highly successful players will have the opportunity to train with the Dynamo first team
  • Seasonal training camps will take place with daily sessions over 5-7-day periods during school holidays
  • Teams will compete at the highest levels in local, regional, national, and international matches

For more information, call Gary Hamilton at (956) 631-0431 or email

U-18 Roster | U-17 Roster | U-15 Roster

Schedule/Results – U-18

Date Opponent Time/Result Location
April 2011 - Dallas Cup U-19
04/17-Sun Classic FC Gladiators (Albuquerque NM) 1-3 L Richland College Field 9, Dallas
04/18-Mon Ajax Gunners (Mississauga ON Canada) 1-1 T Richland College Field 5, Dallas
04/20-Wed DFW Tornadoes White (TX) 1-1 T Richland College Field 4, Dallas

U-18 Roster

Name Pos. High School DOB
Juan Aparicio D/F Edinburg H.S. 5/6/1993
Argenis Cadriel D/F Mission Sharyland H.S. 4/17/1993
Jorge Cantu F La Joya H.S. 10/05/1992
Carlos Castillo M/F Riveria H.S. 9/20/1994
Augstin Cuesta M/F Mission Sharyland H.S. 9/10/1992
Reyes Espino M/F Edinburg North H.S. 6/24/1994
Alexandro Gonzalez M/F Beta H.S. (Edinburg) 7/3/1993
Arnulfo (AJ) Gonzalez F Harlingen South 5/29/1993
Audel Gonzalez M/F Sharyland H.S. 3/18/1993
Angel Higareda GK Memorial H.S. 8/19/1992
Jorge Infante M/F McAllen H.S. 5/27/1994
Trevor Jackson D/F San Benito H.S. 9/23/1992
Irving Martinez GK McAllen H.S. 3/18/1993
Teodor Nonvo F McAllen H.S. 1/30/1993
Mario Rincon M/F   9/27/1994
Reydasel Rivas D/F STC 8/11/1992
Oscar Valencia M/F Palmview H.S. 1/9/1993

U-17 Roster

Name Pos. High School DOB
Austin Alvarez  M/F South Texas Medical H.S. 3/7/1995
Brant Bieker  M/F McAllen H.S. 9/6/1995
Luis Caporusso  D/F Memorial H.S. 11/12/1993
Jorge Chavez  F Sharyland H.S. 1/14/1995
Adrian Cuesta  M/F Sharyland H.S. 11/2/1995
Jose Davila  F   8/9/1994
Dannes Elizondo  M/F McAllen H.S. 8/17/1994
Ismael Garza  GK   9/28/1993
Alonso Miranda  M/F   5/1/1995
Pedro Navarro  F   6/19/1994
Daniel Ortegon  M/F Memorial H.S. 7/31/1996
Vincent Pantone  D/F   3/31/1995
Abraham Pena  M/F Sharyland H.S. 8/24/1995
Matthew Pierson  F Oratory H.S. 12/10/1993
George Mason Rankin  M/F   12/13/1993
Gabriel Rivas  D/F Memorial H.S. 2/4/1994
Ismael Rodriguez  D/F Memorial H.S. 1/15/1994
Leonel Teran  D/F   8/3/1994
Roman Villeareal  D/F   5/22/1995

U-15 Roster

Name Pos. High School DOB
Jose Acevedo  D/F Memorial H.S. 7/2/1996
Adam Bieker  M/F Morris Middle School 8/20/1996
Fernando Castillo  M/F Integrity School 2/6/1996
Pedro Galindo  D/F   6/22/1996
Hiram Garcia  D/F Sharyland H.S. 8/3/1996
Jorge Gonzalez  D/F Sharyland H.S. 1/24/1996
Tom Jones  GK B.L. Gray 9/12/1996
Marcos Mascorro  F Oratory H.S. 4/24/1996
Andres Miranda  D/F Foccus 9/28/1993
Carlos Montero  M/F Memorial H.S.  4/8/1996
Francisco Paez  F OLSS 4/11/1996
Marcelo Sanchez  M/F IB LAMAR  11/9/1995
Noe Vasquez  M/F   3/31/1996
Alexis Vela  M/F Veterans Memorial 11/5/1995
Nicholas Villescas  D/F   9/13/1995