Dynamo and Dash Donations

The Houston Dynamo applaud the efforts of community organizations in the region and attempt to support them in their efforts as much as possible. The following policy has been developed to create consistency and fairness.

Priority will be given to requests from organizations that:

  • Support our purpose statement of soccer as a catalyst for social responsibility and leadership in giving proactively, with a direct focus on youth, especially underserved and at risk children
  • Are located within a 60-mile radius of Houston, TX
  • Use donated items to directly help the requesting organization's operations
  • Are a registered 501c3


ALL DONATION REQUESTS MUST BE SUBMITTED ONLINE six weeks prior to event/procurement date.

We no longer accept paper submissions or requests submitted via fax, email or telephone. Once your request has been reviewed, you will be contacted by a representative from Dynamo Charities via email regarding the status of your request: declined, pending or accepted. Due to the volume of requests that we receive, please allow 2-4 weeks for a response

  • No actual tickets or cash will be donated. MLS rules place a limit on team's use of complimentary tickets; therefore, we are unable to use tickets in this manner
  • Dynamo Charities assists more than 500 organizations annually in this manner.  For this reason, we cannot authorize all requests for autographed merchandise.
  • An organization may only receive a donation once in a calendar year
  • Donations will only be given directly to a 501c3 organization and not to a private corporation or individuals raising funds for another organization
  • Due to the high quantity of requests, we are unable to donate items to individual schools unless the items will be used to benefit a sports program
  • Due to the high quantity of requests, we are unable to donate to individual chapters of organizations
  • Donations will not be mailed.  Do not include return shipping labels or FedEx Third party billing information. If the request is approved, solicitors must arrange for pick up no later than two (2) weeks after the confirmation of the request has been granted by the Dynamo Charities office 

Use of the Dynamo Charities or Houston Dynamo name, logos and trademark and/or any advertising that implies the support or sponsorship of an event by the Houston Dynamo Charities or the MLS must be approved in writing by Dynamo Charities.