Dynamo internationals learn Hexagonal fate

Three Dynamo players watched eagerly last week as the draw was determined for next year's World Cup qualifying hexagonal round. Here are the schedules for Honduras (Boniek Garcia) and Jamaica (Jermaine Taylor and Je-Vaughn Watson) and the impact it could have on the Dynamo.


February 6 vs. United States
March 22 vs. Mexico
March 26 vs. Panama
June 7 vs. Costa Rica
June 11 vs. Jamaica
September 6 vs. Mexico
September 10 vs. Panama
October 11 vs. Costa Rica
October 15 vs. Jamaica


February 6 vs. Mexico
March 22 vs. Panama
March 26 vs. Costa Rica
June 4 vs. Mexico
June 7 vs. United States
June 11 vs. Honduras
September 6 vs. Panama
September 10 vs. Costa Rica
October 11 vs. United States
October 15 vs. Honduras

Suffice to say it will be a busier year than normal for certain Dynamo players. Throw in the 2012-13 CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinals in March and possible entrance into the 2013-14 edition and the Dynamo's depth will be tested once again.