Trapped in the Bathroom

Preseason is a time for many things. It's a time for team bonding, a time for team pranks and for some people a time to prepare for the upcoming season. But for one player, this year's preseason became so much more.

In an unexpected turn of events today, Dynamo defender Warren Creavalle, a player who pundits expect to make huge strides in 2012, found himself trapped in the unlikeliest of places. In case you missed it, here is the breakdown of this afternoon's events.

Dynamo defender Bobby Boswell breaks the news

Dynamo athletic trainer Theron Enns confirms the reports

Creavalle sends word that he is OK ... well sorta ...

Goalkeeper Tyler Deric rallies fan support with a new hashtag

Nothing seems to be working...

An hour has gone by and Creavalle is still trapped ...

Fan support pours in from across the country...

We're getting close!

Almost there!

Maybe life in a bathroom isn't so bad?

And he's free!

Creavalle's roommate shows his concern...


It's a good thing the MLS Insider was on the scene as he was able to catch up with Creavalle after today's incident. Hear what the Dynamo defender had to say.