Dynamo players reveal their Final Four picks

The NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament picks up full steam this weekend, and once again offices become less efficient as everyone tracks their brackets through March and April. The Dynamo locker room is no different, as North Carolina grad Corey Ashe has reportedly put together a team bracket challenge. We caught up with a few of the participants to see who they've got going to the Final Four in Arlington (champion in italics).

Corey Ashe: Florida, Arizona, Michigan St., Michigan

Will Bruin: Florida, Arizona, Michigan St., Louisville

Anthony Arena: Kansas, Arizona, Michigan St., Wichita St.

Mark Sherrod: Kansas, Wisconsin, UConn, Louisville

Tony Cascio: Florida, Arizona, Virginia, Louisville

AJ Cochran: Florida, Arizona, Michigan St., Duke

Tyler Deric: Florida, Arizona, Michigan St., Duke

Eric Brunner: Florida, Arizona, Iowa St., Louisville

Looks like the players are pretty heavy on Florida winning it all. Surprisingly, there wasn't much alma mater bias in their Final Four picks. Ashe and fellow UNC alum Tyler Deric have the Tar Heels (No. 6 in East Region) falling before the national semifinals, while Eric Brunner expressed disappointment in Ohio St. already bowing out in an upset loss to Dayton. Tony Cascio (UConn) and AJ Cochran (Wisconsin) didn't put their schools in the Final Four either, but apparently Mark Sherrod has more faith in their teams. Our condolences do go out to Will Bruin and Anthony Arena as neither Indiana nor Wake Forest reached the Big Dance this year. Perhaps their absence will allow a little more objectivity in their picks.

How do your picks line up with the players'?