Erick Torres gives us his favorite recipe: Chilaquiles Rojos

One of the things that Erick Torres misses the most about Guadalajara is his mom’s cooking, especially her homemade chilaquiles rojos . When asked for the recipe, he starts laughing and responds through a translator, “See, I don’t know how to cook. My favorite food is the chilaquiles that my mom makes, but I don’t know the recipe because my mom makes them.”

Chilaquiles rojos, a traditional Mexican dish, are usually eaten as part of breakfast or brunch.  They are best described as corn tortillas that are cut in quarters and lightly fried (usually crispy) with a red salsa poured on top. They can also be made with eggs, ham, melted cheese, onions and sometimes chicken or beef.  

While Erick doesn’t cook, he did a great job of explaining his mom’s recipe for his favorite Chilaquiles rojos. Next time you’re feeling adventurous, try the recipe below out!  

Chilaquiles Rojos:

8 Corn Tortillas
2 Guajillo Peppers
1 clove of Garlic
½ Onion
2 tbsp Mexican Cream
2 tbsp crumbled fresh cheese
½ tsp Salt
1 cup of Vegetable Oil

Tortilla Chips:

1.       Heat frying pan with the ½ cup of Vegetable Oil over medium-high heat
2.       Fry the corn tortillas until they are slightly golden
3.       Remove the tortillas and drain so that excess oil is removed and they dry

Red Salsa:

1.       Boil the 2 Guajillo peppers with the clove of garlic and a pinch of salt
2.       Mince the ½ onion and put to one side all of it except for about 1 ½ tablespoons
3.       Sauté the 1 ½ tablespoons of onion
4.       Once the peppers and garlic have been boiled (should be making a red paste), strain it and then mix with the onion that is being sautéed
5.       Continue mixing in the frying pan until the salsa is boiling
6.       Add salt to taste
7.       Take the dry tortillas and crumble them with your hands into the frying pan, on top of the salsa
8.        Continue to leave the salsa and crumbled tortilla pieces over medium high heat for a little while longer

To serve:

1.       Once ready to serve, add the cheese, cream, rest of the onion
2.       You can also add scrambled eggs, chicken, beef or ham