Wilmer Cabrera | Postgame at LA Galaxy

On the result:

“We are upset. The players are upset. We are upset, because we lost two points today. But, it’s on us. We cannot give the responsibility to the linesman to allow that, or to the referees, or the fourth referee to put six minutes into a game that cannot go six minutes in overtime. But, we have to be able to play 96, 97, 110. So, yes, It’s on us. We have to continue, and if there’s someone to blame, it’s ourselves. We need to know that it’s going to be more difficult for us wherever we go. We cannot make one mistake, and we made two mistakes, and we got punished for the last one.”

On what the team needed to finish the match with a victory:

“We needed to control the last five minutes. We cannot lose the ball coming out of a play and give them the opportunity to win a goal that’s offside. Yes, it’s offside. But, it’s already marked in the books, and there’s nothing that can be done now."

The team’s reaction to the draw:

“We are playing better; we are getting better. That’s important. But, today we had a huge chance and we let it go.”

On dominating an away game:

Yes definitely, for us it’s improving overall. It’s coming over here to a difficult stadium, against a difficult team, just to be able to perform well, to outplay them in some aspects, and to pressure, and to get two goals, that is important. But, for us, we need to be more solid defensively, and we need to finish the games.”