Alberth Elis/Instagram

Alberth Elis donates a computer lab to his hometown school in Honduras

Alberth Elis’ star has risen quite a bit over the past year but the young phenom hasn’t forgotten his roots, recently donating a new computer lab to the school in his hometown of San Juan on the coast of Honduras.

Elis has worked with the Honduran non-profit foundation OCAD since 2016, participating in various projects designed to end poverty, inequality and hunger in San Pedro Sula and the surrounding areas.

“For a long time, I’ve been wanting to give back to my community,” Elis told HoustonDynamo.com. “I am part of Fundación OCAD, through which we were able to donate this computer lab as well as deliver food, donate soccer uniforms and visit hospitals to give out toys.”

The 21-year-old forward was awarded a certificate of recognition by the organization for the work he did in 2017. However, he says his work is not done as he looks for more he can do for his community and enlist the help of others.

“I intend to speak to my teammates and figure out ways we can work together to help OCAD to help fight poverty back in Honduras. We are always in need of kind hearted people willing to help.”