Dynamo Diesel

Here are some great ways to have fun with Diesel:

  • "’Kick it’ with Diesel"
    Diesel loves a good party. Invite Diesel to "kick it" with your family, friends or co-workers at your next private event, corporate event or birthday party. Diesel will hang out for an hour, pass out Dynamo prizes, take pictures; sign autographs have lots of fun with his friends.
Name: Dynamo Diesel
Occupation: Houston Dynamo mascot and No. 1 fan!
Date of Birth: April 2, 2007
Height: 6' 0"
Paw Size: 26 FF (foxy foot)
Bench Press: I can bench press David Beckham without even breaking a sweat!
Education: Ph.D (Phoxy Heroics Degree)
Favorite Foods: You better hold on tight to your Dynamo Dogs and Nachos when you see me coming!
Favorite Drinks: Orange Crush
Hobbies: Besides watching Houston Dynamo soccer (of course), I also love playing soccer, running, skateboarding, bicycling, hiking and anything fun outside! I like reading books every night before bed, learning new things everyday and hanging out with all of you at my events!
Best Friends: Dynamo fans, Dynamo players, and Dynamo Girls!!!
Arch Enemies: Tex Hooper of FC Dallas, Q of San Jose Earthquakes, Cozmo of LA Galaxy and anyone who tries to stand in the way of another Houston Dynamo championship!
Motto: Live your life smart as a Fox!