Manage your tickets with Flash Seats


Managing your tickets to Houston Dynamo games or BBVA Stadium events has never been easier or more convenient. Flash Seats, an electronic ticketing service, allows you to manage, transfer or sell your tickets for free from the palm of your hand.  

Manage Your Tickets - Manage your tickets from anywhere, either online or using the mobile app for Apple and Android.

Easy Entry - Flash Seats eliminates paper tickets and allows you quick and easy entry into BBVA Stadium with the Flash Seats mobile app or any form of electronic ID associated with your account (Credit card or driver's license).

Full Ticket Control - Transfer your tickets to anyone, at any time using only their name and email address. Share your tickets with family, friends or coworkers without meeting up, waiting in Will-Call lines or mailing. Looking to sell your tickets? Put your seats on the Flash Seats Resale Site, the official Resale Marketplace of the Houston Dynamo.

Secure Tickets - Never worry about lost or stolen tickets again!

Buy/Sell Tickets - The Flash Seats Resale Site is the place to buy and sell tickets you won't be able to use for Houston Dynamo, Houston Dash and BBVA Stadium events. Click here to view tickets in the Marketplace. 

Click here to visit Flash Seats and Marketplace

  Download Flash Seats Mobile App

Have access to your seats anywhere, any time, online or on the Flash Seats mobile app.


 Getting Your Tickets On Flash Seats

When purchasing your Season Membership or tickets to events at BBVA Stadium, select "Flash Seats" as your delivery method to have your tickets loaded in your Flash Seats account.

If you are a Season Ticket Member that has selected Flash Seats as your delivery method, your tickets for the season will be added to your Flash Seat account at the beginning of the season. Simply use your member log-in information to access your Flash Seats account associated with your primary email address on your account, a Flash Seats a Flash Seats account will be automatically created under this e-mail. If you forgot your password or have not logged in to your Flash Seats account before, click HERE and select “Forgot Password.”

  Entering the Stadium with Flash Seats

You have two simple options:

Mobile App Entry:

  1. Download the free Flash Seats mobile app and log in.
  2. Open the app and show the gate attendant your Mobile ID (QR code)
  3. The gate attendant will scan your Mobile ID and print your Seat Locator, which grants you access to your section within the stadium.

*Please note: The Seat Locator is not a ticket and only shows the location of your seats at BBVA Stadium. Once you receive your Seat Locator, you cannot leave the venue and re-enter.

Electronic ID Entry:

  1. Choose an ID (credit card or driver's license) that you would like to use to enter the stadium.
  2. Log in to your Flash Seats account and add your ID by going to the ACCOUNT tab and clicking IDENTIFICATION. Select the type of identification you wish to add and follow the remaining steps to successfully add it.
  3. On game day, give your registered ID to the gate attendant.
  4. The gate attendant will swipe your ID and print your Seat Locator, which grants you access to your section within the stadium.
  What type of card can I use as a form of Identification to enter the stadium?

You can enter events with any credit/debit card or driver's license that you've added to your Flash Seats account. You can also enter events with the card you used to purchase your tickets. Please note, a card can only be associated with one Flash Seats account.

  How many cards can I add to my Flash Seats account?

You may add as many cards as you like to your account, as long as they are active valid cards. Log in to your Flash Seats account and under ACCOUNT click IDENTIFICATION at the top of the web page and add your card(s).  You can remove any invalid cards here as well.

  How do I know that my card will not be charged?

Your credit card WILL NOT BE CHARGED unless you are purchasing tickets on the team or venue's official marketplace. It is only used to identify you as the owner of tickets when you enter events.

  Can I screenshot my Mobile ID (QR code)?

No, for security purposes your Mobile ID refreshes every 60 seconds to a new QR code so any screenshot taken in advance of entry will not be valid.

  Can I email my Flash Seat to myself or someone else to print?

No, Flash Seats is completely electronic for your convenience, so no paper tickets or PDF tickets can be printed or emailed.  If you need to transfer your Flash Seats to someone else for a game to use you can do so directly through Flash Seats by logging in and clicking TRANSFER.  For more specific details on transferring your Flash Seats see the Transfer Your Flash Seats FAQ below.

  Transfer Your Tickets with Flash Seats

Transfer your tickets to anyone electronically for FREE with Flash Seats!

  1. Log in to your Flash Seats account, and then Click TICKETS in the toolbar.
  2. Find the game and tickets you want to transfer and click TRANSFER.
  3. Check the boxes for the tickets you want to transfer. Enter the name and email of the recipient and click PREVIEW THE FLASH TRANSFER.
  4. Click CONFIRM TRANSFER and the recipient will receive an email within approximately 5 minutes with instructions on how to claim the tickets.  If your recipient already has a Flash Seats account with the email address you used, they will receive a notification that the tickets have been added to their Flash Seats account.

There is no fee to transfer or to receive transferred tickets.

  Sell Your Tickets
If you are unable to use your tickets for an upcoming game, you can sell them on the Flash Seats Resale Site.
  1. Log in, and then click TICKETS in the toolbar.
  2. Find the game and tickets you want to list for sale and click SELL.
  3. Check the boxes for the tickets you want to list for sale.
  4. Enter your asking price per ticket, the listing expiration date and time, select whether you wish to auto accept a bid at a specific price and any additional seat description.
  5. Click PREVIEW OFFER, then click CONFIRM OFFER and your seat(s) will be immediately posted.

Visit the Flash Seats Marketplace here.

Please note: there is a 13% fee for selling tickets on Flash Seats Marketplace.

  Buy Tickets

Buy tickets from other fans securely on the official Flash Seats Resale Site for BBVA Stadium!

  1. Click BUY in the upper toolbar when you are logged in to your account.
  2. Find tickets to any event you want to purchase tickets to.
  3. Buy tickets or place a bid with a credit card on file or add a new one to complete your order.

You can also buy tickets for events at BBVA Stadium directly from the venue here.

  Convert To Flash Seats

Do you currently have paper tickets or electronic tickets (e-ticket) and would like to convert to Flash Seats for easy event entry, ticket transfers or resale?

  1. Log in to Flash Seats, and then click the TICKETS tab in the toolbar.
  2. At the top of the page, click the CONVERT PAPER TICKETS TO FLASH SEATS button.
  3. Select the number of tickets you wish to convert and type of seating.  Select BBVA Stadium from the venue drop down, and then enter the 15 digit barcode number and seat location information.
  4. Click the “VALIDATE TICKET(S)” button and then “CONVERT(S)” button.

If you have any additional questions about converting your tickets to Flash Seats, call (713) 276-GOAL or visit the BBVA Stadium Box Office on game day. Season Ticket Members should contact their Account Manager directly.

  What is the difference between Flash Seats and e-tickets?

Flash Seats is a one-stop shop that allows you to digitally purchase tickets, scan your ticket on your phone or swipe your driver’s license or credit card to enter, transfer your tickets to friends and re-sell your tickets through the same platform.

Electronic tickets, or e-tickets, are a PDF of your ticket that you can either print at home or scan from your phone.

  What is the difference between Flash Seats and Online Account Portal?

Houston Dynamo and Houston Dash Season Ticket Members and ticket package holders are able to see financial information and renewal opportunities on their Online Account PortalFlash Seats will be used to manage your Flash Seats tickets online and gain entry into BBVA Stadium.