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The Texas Lottery would like to honor military spouses/partners by providing them with unique opportunities with the Houston Dynamo. Each month, the Texas Lottery will recognize an active duty spouse/partner of a member of the armed forces as the Military Spouse of the Month for their outstanding commitment to family. The recipient will receive 4 tickets, 4 VIP Club passes and 1 parking pass to a Dynamo home game and a Military Spouse of the Month Texas Lottery prize pack. The Texas Lottery proudly supports Texas Education and Veterans.

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The contest and fulfillment is managed and administered by the Houston Dynamo.

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March 2018

Linda Rodriguez (Army)

To be picked as Military spouse of the month for me is a special feeling. I didn’t know that my husband took the time to nominate me so when I received the email that I had been chosen I was very surprised and overjoyed. I feel like the appreciation that my husband always expresses to me is being recognized by everyone! Being a military spouse means that you are married to the bravest of the brave and to someone who will sacrifice for his family. I feel loved like no other!

April 2018

Laura Garcia (Army)

My wife and I are dual military. She works every day and still manages to make time to clean the house. She's truly an amazing person and gets things done.

May 2018

Christie Lawler (Air Force/Texas Air National Guard)

Christie has been a military spouse since 2001. She's continually put her personal goals on hold to support many moves and changes. Now as my career draws to an end, my young family (2 small boys) would love to honor all her sacrifice for our family. She got me surprise season tickets to the Dynamo last year, but due to Harvey damage to our home we couldn't rejoin again this year. I'd love to simply say thank you to my best friend.

June 2018

Emily Messenger (Army)

As a military spouse, Emily has been all over the world, and done her part to build community at each stop.  We are so thrilled to welcome her back to the Houston area where her husband is about to pursue an MBA at Rice Business so they can continue to build community in the place they both grew up.

July 2018

Valerie Arnold (Navy)

I recently spent 2 years in the Middle East and my wife, Valerie, stayed home in Pearland by herself and really took care of everything while I was gone. She graduated from TCU, worked full time, planned our wedding, took care of the house, and the bills. There is no one else I would trust to keep our life so steady back at home while I was away and She really helped keep my stress down because of that. I couldn't have done it with anyone else and I want her to know how amazing she is and get the recognition she deserves for these past 2 years.

August 2018

Denise Flores (Army, Air Force)

I spent a decade serving. While I was here or when I was gone Denise would keep life in order.  What makes her extra special is after my service ended, I decided to finish college. UofH did not have any more classes I could take in the evening for my senior year in college. I decided to take a year off of work to finish my degree. She helped me, supported me, worked, and cared for our young son while I studied. I graduated with a B.S. in Psychology in 2014 and am working for the State of Texas now. I never could have done it without her support. She planned our entire wedding while I was in Iraq in 2007. She was my comfort while I was in Afghanistan from 2003-2004. She is the best friend I have ever had. She is all of these things and more.

September 2018

Victor Elizondo (Army)

My husband is medically discharged from the U.S. Army after being wounded in Afghanistan. His job was one of the most dangerous jobs overseas: route clearance. All they do 24 hours a day is locate bombs and blow or defuse them so that locals would have a safe way to get to work, school, etc., and so other service men and women could travel knowing that route has been cleared. He loves soccer so much it would be an amazing birthday gift if he would be able to see a game.

October 2018

Jessica Fulton (Army)

I met my wife while home on leave during a deployment. After 7 years of long distance relationships and losing connection and reconnecting, we were set to get married after a 12 month deployment, that was changed to a 15. So she planned and worked all the details, and I came home for 2 week R&R and got married. Since then, she has endured multiple duty stations from Alaska to Louisiana, raised 3 kids, sometimes alone, and been my rock through 5 deployments. In our house, mom is the Hero.