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Oduro: Proud of Ghana victory

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What's up, Houston! This is Dominic Oduro checking in on Sunday evening. I enjoyed the first two days of the World Cup, but for me, the biggest game so far was today when my home country, Ghana, took on Serbia in Group D.

When the groups were drawn last December, we were all watching during that snowstorm here in Houston. Ghana definitely got a tough group. Obviously Germany was going to be the favorite, Serbia second, and then Ghana and Australia. So today's game was very important for us.

With midfielder Michael Essien hurt, I thought there was a chance we were going to crumble. He's such a good player, obviously, and very important to the team. But I watched the game at home today, and I think we played well. Both teams had chances, and of course we got a little lucky with the handball, but at the end of the day, the best team won. So far, so good. It was a good win for Ghana and for all of Africa. The support for Ghana there in South Africa was incredible.

With that win, I think Ghana has a great chance to get out of the group. Germany is still the favorite, but we took out Serbia, and looking at the way Australia played today, I hope they won't be a problem. We have a team with a lot of young guys - players from the U-20 World Cup champions - but at the end of the day, they believe in themselves and the team.

Looking at the tournament so far, I think it's been OK during the first three days. It's been a little bit disappointing in terms of the big countries like Argentina and France, but then there are different teams out there making it better like South Korea and South Africa. I'm still looking forward to seeing Brazil, everybody's favorite, and Holland, who start on Monday morning. My pick to win the tournament, though, is Spain. I've picked them, so I'll be rooting for them unless they play Ghana!

Thanks for reading, and I'll check back with more thoughts later in the week.