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Dynamo Charities Cup press conference

The Houston Dynamo and Agúila hosted a press conference on Friday to discuss Saturday's Dynamo Charities Cup. Dynamo head coach Dominic Kinnear and midfielder Brad Davis spoke with the media, alongside Agúila head coach Carlos Mijangos and forward Rudis Corrales.

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Read below for quotes from the event.

Houston Dynamo head coach Dominic Kinnear

On playing teams from El Salvador

We have had the fortune to play teams from El Salvador before in the CONCACAF Champions League. They play a style that is very difficult to play against if you are very impatient. They are very technical, can be quick and good on the ball. I think if you have impatient defending, you make life bad for yourself. It is important for us to put them under pressure. We consider this a home game for us, and we want to make sure we play well at home.

On his potential lineup for the match

We do have a league game next week against Colorado, and the trialists were brought in for a reason. Those guys will probably get some time, and the young guys will get some time. We have agreed that substitutions will be pretty liberal. So we are going to try to get everyone a little test out there. It will be a mix of new, some young, and then we will sprinkle in the guys that are regulars as the game goes on.

On facing international competition

We are very proud of our international record. It opens doors to see players you haven’t seen before, and maybe that player can impress you. For us, it’s a break from the daily, weekly grind in MLS, and the players always enjoy the chance to play international competition. We do understand that there is a large Salvadoran community in Houston, and that population will not be pro-Dynamo. And that’s OK with us.

Houston Dynamo midfielder Brad Davis

We are looking forward to this game. It is definitely a game we want to win. The charity games are always a good match. We’re looking forward to playing Águila, and hopefully we’ll come out on top.

On using the game to break out of the team’s slump

I think it is very important for us to come out with the right mentality. Like [Dominic Kinnear] said, there will be some new guys in there that we aren’t quite familiar with, and some new guys that are going be getting some time. But no matter who he puts on the field, I think our team does a good job of knowing our jobs. We want to get the ball rolling in a positive direction again.

On the importance of the Dynamo Charities Cup

I think it is great to be able to able to use the sport of soccer to help people. You know, there are not too many people that get to do exactly what they dreamt of doing or what they love doing when they get older. I am very thankful for it. Obviously it goes to a great cause, it goes to people in need, and that makes it that much more important. Hopefully we can get plenty of fans out there and raise some money.

Agúila head coach Carlos Mijangos

We are coming here to play a good game, put on a good performance, and get a good win, not just for us but for the people in attendance. We are looking forward to having our hard work pay off and starting the preseason on the right foot.

On his impression of the Houston Dynamo

To be honest, I haven’t really seen the Dynamo play. However, I know that the level of MLS is superior. The Dynamo are a very competitive club, and we will be looking to win from the first moment.

Agúila forward Rudis Corrales

These games are very, very important to us. The Dynamo are a good team, one of the best in MLS. This certainly opens doors for us, not only on a team level, but on an individual level, given the quality of play we could possibly put on the field. This certainly helps us to show what Salvadoran football is about.

On showcasing their talents to MLS clubs

We always come with that hope, to showcase our talents to MLS. These types of games are always a window for us to quite possibly make a move to MLS eventually.