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World Cup Fan Blogs: Week 2

June 27

Ed Camara - Soccer 4 All

We're at Soccer City stadium, just getting ready for our last game. Last night we managed to get tickets last minute to the USA-Ghana game, but too many missed chances cost us the game. That was the second time in four years that we have seen the U.S. bow out at the feet of Ghana. Looking forward to Brazil in four years, where we will hopefully not draw Ghana. Si se puede esta noche?

June 25

Cece Camara - Soccer 4 All

While checking out the penguins in Boulders on the way to the Cape of Good Hope, guess who we ran in to? Another "tourist" wearing Seattle Sounders apparrel. We were about to give him a hard time, due to our Dynamo loyalties, when we realized it was none other than Drew Carey. So we chatted about our game and travel experiences for a bit.

Tonight brought even more unexpected excitement, as we were able to secure tickets to the USA-Ghana match tomorrow. We will be headed back to Johannesburg and then Rustenburg in the morning. More to come tomorrow!! Go USA!!!! 

June 23

[inline_node:4817]Ed Camara - Soccer 4 All

On Wednesday we landed in Cape Town and listened to the USA game on the radio and watched the most georgeous sunset we have ever seen while driving to our hotel near Hermanus along the south coast. It seemed only fitting that the USA scored just as the sun was setting.


We saw hundreds of penguins today along the coast just 20 minutes from our hotel. What a fantastic experience. Two more days here until we head back to Johannesburg for our last game ... Mexico-Argentina!

Here are some pictures from our trip to Kruger Park in the northeastern part of the country.







June 22

[inline_node:4772]Margeaux Horne

So this time for the South Africa game in Bloemfontein, we had to take the park and ride! We went to our cousin's church, were dropped off, and then had to put on these hot pink bracelets! They were to remind us to go to the pink area to pick up our cars. We didn't have to wait too long and rode in a shuttle to the game ... everyone was so pumped. I do not think that we saw one French fan!!

We got to the game and were right behind the goal about 15 rows up!! we were right in the heart of things ... before the match, there was a man in crazy African gear who was going around, and it seemed like he was blessing everyone. It was great!

The first half was incredible. South Africa played how we always knew they could play, and we were so sad when the third goal didn't count! At halftime, my friend got a chili hot dog, but little did she realize that instead of chili on the top, it was a hotdog stuffed with green chilis!!! The second half wasn't quite as exciting, but the fans never quit. I dont know if you could tell watching on TV, but most of the time, the vuvuzelas were blowing in rythem and to chants, which is different than the random blowing at the other games!!


Everyone was down after the game for not advancing, but then they realized that we had just beaten France and kept on partying until the entire team was off the field. I know the games that Bafana Bafana plays were unique to the whole World Cup. It was just a rainbow of happiness, and I really don't know if any other fans will be able to complete with the colorful, lively determination that Bafana fans possess. I am sad I won't get to see them play another game, but I am so happy at what they have done for this country.

Ed Camara - Soccer 4 All

We are inside the stadium in Polokwane for the Argentina-Greece game at the present time with temperatures dropping rapidly after a beautiful sunny day in the upper 70s. Tonight, however, it is expected to drop to around 40 degrees, and with no heat in any of the houses, it is a little rough. I came down with a bad cold or the flu two days ago, probably thanks to the large temperature fluctuations since we arrived two weeks ago. As Mexico finished second in their group, it looks like our final game on June 27th before returning home will be Argentina-Mexico ... Should be great!

June 20

[inline_node:4758]Ed Camara - Soccer 4 All

The weather here in Nelspruit has finally improved today. Highs in the upper 70s, but lows still go down in the 40s, and none of the lodges we are staying in have heat, so nights here are difficult to stay warm anywhere but our beds. Yesterday we went to Kruger National Park and saw giraffes, zebras, impala, a rhinoceros, and two female lions in the wild. What an experience. A pack of 20 or so zebras crossed the road right in front of our car.

Tomorrow we drive to Polokwane and stay at a horse farm. Our next game is in three days, when we will see Argentina-Greece. If we can get decent internet in Cape Town, we will send some animal photos along.

June 18

[inline_node:4709]Margeaux Horne

We went to Ellis Park six hours early today to tailgate with some rugby relatives! Interesting fact, my boyfriend's father played in the first ever game held at Ellis Park (for rugby). After tailgating, we walked to the game, which was awesome ... there were so many American flags everywhere! This time, there were metal detectors to get into the game, so that was different from the South Africa game.

Our seats were in the second row on the second level - almost on the halfway line - which was awesome! I sang my heart out during the anthem and was so excited to begin! I couldn't believe that two Texans were starting (Dempsey and Torres!!!!) Also seeing Texas flags in the crowd made my heart swell with pride!


After the first half, everyone was pumped for the second, which turned out to be awesome! One thing that stinks is that if there is a controversial play on the field, they won't show the replay on the big screens, so we couldn't see if the third U.S. goal was offside or not. After the game, I met another fellow Houstonian; what a small world!

All in all, it was a great game that wasn't too cold, thankfully, and a medicore result for the USA.

[inline_node:4694]Jhonathan Montenegro

Here's a picture from Ellis Park during the United States-Slovenia match.