Wilf Thorne / Houston Dynamo

5 minutes with ... Tally Hall

HoustonDynamo.com caught up with Tally Hall after a recent training session. Here's what he had to say:

HD: What is your favorite restaurant in Houston?
TH: They just opened a Firehouse Subs by my house. It’s amazing. I go there far too much. Everything is so good that I try and mix it up. Hook and Ladder is their go-to. I’ll usually switch between that and Engine Company.

HD: What was your favorite TV show when you were a kid?
TH: I went in phases, but one that pops out as a kid is Pinky and the Brain. It’s classic.

HD: What sport would you play if you didn’t play soccer?
TH: If I didn’t play soccer I wouldn’t limit myself. It would depend on the season. In the summer, I would try and go wakeboarding. In the winter, I would try and go snowboarding. I would also try to play beach volleyball somewhere in between.


HD: Do you have any nicknames for anyone on the team?
TH: Well, since I cut my hair, some people call me 'Stripes.'

HD: Does anybody on the team have any weird talents?
TH: Well, Bobby is a great storyteller. Francisco speaks both English and Spanish. (Laughing as Francisco passes by) Sort of. But I don’t really have any weird talents.

HD: Is there any kind of rookie hazing?
TH: No, but taping rookies to the goalposts sounds great. Now that I’m not a rookie, we should really start doing it.

HD: Who did you look up to as a kid?
TH: Michael Jordan was the guy I looked up to. I had his posters all over my wall. There is no real soccer figure. Kasey Keller is probably the most prominent soccer player, but it was always Jordan growing up.

HD: What is your favorite MLS memory?
TH: Playing. (Laughs) I have one start in a game, so it was a cool experience to step on the field and play a league game.

HD: Who is the best athlete to come out of San Diego State: you, Stephen Strasburg, or Marshall Faulk?
TH: It’s has got to be Marshall Faulk. He is a legend. I wasn’t really there when Strasburg was there. We may have had a spring overlap, but he wasn’t a big name. Justin Masterson, who plays for the Cleveland Indians, was there when I was there. He was a pretty big deal. Strasburg seems crazy. I don’t really follow baseball too much, but apparently he is doing really well. Faulk is a legend at San Diego State. Our football team is terrible, and they still are like, ‘Faulk.’ When you walk into the athletic department, there is a mannequin of him carrying the ball.