FOX Sports Southwest debuts Shooting Stars

Imagine being 16 with a gift and a dream. Imagine being given an opportunity that could change your life. Imagine the world watching as your future might be decided.

Independent Houston-based production company SWD Productions, LLC is proud to announce the debut of Shooting Stars, a five-episode documentary-style show that will premiere on FOX Sports Houston and FOX Sports Southwest on Tuesday, August 3 at 5 p.m. CT.

Shooting Stars tells the universal story of passion and hope; courage and fear; heartbreak and success. Since June of 2009, SWD principal Greg Ferris and his team have followed young soccer players as they try to fulfill their dreams of one day becoming professionals. From their home lives through the grueling Elite Camp tryouts and beyond, the show follows Houston Dynamo Academy hopefuls as they compete to make the Houston Dynamo Academy team, with the hope of ultimately making the professional Houston Dynamo itself.

Shooting Stars will air Tuesdays in August at 5 p.m. CT on FOX Sports Houston and FOX Sports Southwest, with multiple rebroadcasts throughout the week on FOX Sports Houston. The two networks combined cover Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana, reaching nearly 8.6 million homes. For more information, visit