Corey Ashe, Geoff Cameron, Houston Dynamo
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5 minutes with ... Geoff Cameron

Dynamo D/M Geoff Cameron took some time after practice on Monday to answer a few questions from about his life, on and off the field.

When you went down with the injury in April, did you ever think you would be back this soon, playing at this high a level?

Originally they said I was out for eight months, so I figured I would be out for the whole season. Then when I went in for the surgery, and they said it would be 3-4 months, which I thought was awesome. So I was hoping to be back for some part of the season. It is great being back on the field again. 

How do you feel now?

I feel really good. I do my strengthening and conditioning every day and my rehab every day, so I’m just trying to maintain my knee and make sure I am fit and playing well.

Oliver Luck recently accepted the Athletic Director position at West Virginia University. As someone who spent two years at the school before transferring to the University of Rhode Island, what advice do you have for him?

Pump the money into the soccer program! WVU is a good place. It was a fun experience, the two years I was there. It was unfortunate the coach broke NCAA rules and they were under investigation. But obviously I still root for WVU football, especially against Corey Ashe and his UNC Tar Heels. I still support the Mountaineers football team and the Rhode Island soccer team.

Speaking of Corey, what is your opinion on his fro-hawk?

I love it! We are like twins!

So you approve of the hairstyle?

Definitely, we are good buddies on and off the field. It’s funny because the first day he walked in, a lot of people said, "Do you want to be like Geoff?” and he said, “Heck yeah, man!” We have a good relationship, and of course I’m going to support him. We call ourselves White Chocolate.

You were a third round pick in the 2008 draft. Do you feel any added motivation to beat the teams who passed over you?

It’s funny how things work out. The guys that go first, second round, they are big-time players, and sometimes those guys don’t even make the team. You have to work for everything you get in life. Some guys are given things and they are not used to working for it, but when you get to these ranks you have to continue working. Nothing really came easy in my life, so I know I need to keep working hard. Some people ask me ‘Why didn’t you want to go to the [New England] Revolution?’ Well I’m happy I came here, because it’s a great position to be in. No one expected me to do anything, so I’ll just continue putting in the work and produce for the team.

What was your opinion on the comedy show that Bobby Boswell and Tally Hall participated in?

Tally might need a little work in the comedic section, but Bobby was pretty good. He needs a little work on his routine, but overall it was a great event. The fact that we raised money for a good cause made it even better.

Hypothetically speaking, the Houston Texans play your [New England] Patriots in the Super Bowl. Who are you picking?


Are you sure they can win?

Of course, are you kidding me? You can’t stop [Tom] Brady! Tyler [Deric] came in today and said the Texans were Super Bowl-bound. I told him it was one game that they beat the Colts. They got a little lucky that Arian Foster played out of his mind, but when they play the big teams like the Patriots, the Texans won’t do anything.

What is your favorite off-field activity?

Right now it’s the video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for Play Station 3. Overall, I’m just a guy who likes to relax and hang out. My motto is, Live a little, Have a skittle.