Joseph Musarra/Houston Dynamo

5 minutes with ... Richard Mulrooney

Dynamo midfielder Richard Mulrooney took some time after practice on Tuesday to answer a few questions from HoustonDynamo.com about his life, on and off the field.

HD: Since moving to Houston in 2005, what has been your favorite part about the city?

RM: I think the support from the fans has been great. I've been to baseball games, and the support has been similar. It's a great sports town; people support the teams and are happy they are here, as supposed to some cities that take it for granted. It makes you feel special as a player to know that you are supported no matter what. The whole aura of the sports here in Houston is what I enjoy the most.

HD: If you weren't a professional soccer player, what would you be doing?

RM: Raising alpacas in southern Peru.

HD: Why alpacas?

RM: The better question is, why not?

HD: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

RM: Spending time with my family. When the kid goes to bed, I am checking my fantasy football leagues, as well as watching college and professional football games. I am a homebody. I don't really go on nature walks or ride horses, but if I had a chance to raise alpacas in Peru, I would do that.

HD: Rumor has it that you are the college football guru on the team. Is there any team in particular that you root for?

RM: Not really. I grew up watching Notre Dame, but I wouldn't say I was die hard. If I was, I probably would be losing 15 pounds every year and struggling to watch their games. Having said that I enjoy watching Notre Dame.

HD: What about the NFL? Which team do you root for?

RM: It's all about fantasy. I have three leagues and have guys on pretty much every team, so whichever game is on probably has an impact on which team I'm rooting for that day.

HD: When you look back on your career, which moments stand out to you?

RM: It has to be the championships. You play to win. I have been fortunate enough to have won three and hope to get more. I don't play for goals or assists or anything but to win championships, and thankfully I've won three in my career.

HD: What do you hope to do after your playing career is over?

RM: At that time I'll figure it out. I'm concentrating on soccer right now. There are days when I think about what I would do after soccer, but there is no set answer because to be honest I'm set with this job right now. It would be unfair to be looking at other opportunities while I'm on the field with this team.

HD: You have played with Brian Mullan a long time. What did you say to him before he left for Colorado?

RM: I just wished him the best. First and foremost, he is a family person. I wished him and his family the best. Obviously on the field I have played with him since our days at Creighton University, so I have probably known him longer than anyone else in this league. I know what type of player he is, and if he continues that way he will be fine. But first and foremost, I just wanted him and his family to be happy wherever he was.