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VIDEO: James Clarkson discusses Holland

With no game scheduled for Monday, the Dynamo Academy U-17s took to the field this morning for a training session. Although the rain held for the early part of the day, the clouds hovered over the field, keeping the weather cool for the session.

The session began with a series of 5v2 games. Afterwards, assistant coach John DeWitt ran the players through fitness drills to keep the players sharp for the short games they will encounter in the tournament. After the drills, head coach James Clarkson organized a series of finishing drills that involved four different players passing the ball before it was crossed to the middle for the forwards.

The session ended with a finishing game, where the players received a pass from Clarkson at the top of the 18-yard box. They then had to control the ball and shoot in only two touches, without leaving the semi-circle at the top of the penalty box. The last two players to score had to carry the balls for the one-mile trek back to the hotel.

After training, James Clarkson had a chat with HoustonDynamo.com about the first 36 hours of the trip and his impressions of yesterday's match:

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