Michael Fasching / Houston Dynamo

Residential Elite Camp Day 3

The third day of the Dynamo Residential Elite Camp on Tuesday continued the fun and traditions of the week. Campers began the day watching a replay of the Brazil vs. Australia game in the FIFA U-17 World Cup while they ate an early breakfast.

The players were then escorted to the auditorium for a morning lecture. Today, the coaches lectured about positioning on the field and simulated various game scenarios through a PowerPoint presentation that helped show, visually, players' responsibilities in different situations. After the lecture, the players took what they had just learned to the pitch.

After lunch, Day 2 of the futsal tournament resumed. With playoff seeding on the line, Tuesday's games made for some very good entertainment. When many of the campers were not playing, most could be heard cheering for the players of their respective age groups. After futsal, the kids enjoyed some down time in the dorm before heading back out to the fields for full-field games and finishing drills.