Jonathan Yardley/HoustonDynamo.com

Q&A: Houston Dynamo midfielder Adam Moffat

On Thursday, the Houston Dynamo acquired midfielder Adam Moffat and allocation money from the Portland Timbers for defender Mike Chabala and mifielder Lovel Palmer. With the Dynamo playing in California this weekend, Moffat flew straight to Los Angeles to meet his new teammates. After his first training session with his new club, HoustonDynamo.com sat down with the Scottish midfielder.

Q: Tell us about your first training session with the Dynamo.
A: It was good to meet everyone. I met a lot of guys at the hotel yesterday, but that was a bit staggered so there were a few players I missed. It was good to get in there and see what the players and coaching staff are all about.


Q: What is it like for an opposing player to come play in Houston?
A: Playing against Houston in Houston? It's very intimidating. Obviously the biggest factor you have to worry about is the heat. As a player going to play there, it is something I will have to adjust to. Knowing that you have that advantage of players coming in there with that fear, there is definitely an advantage.

Q: What did [former Dynamo assistant coach] John Spencer tell you about the team before you left Portland?
A: John has the utmost respect for Dominic [Kinnear] and the organization. He enjoyed his time here with both the players and the coaches.

Q: What do you feel you bring to the table? What about your game sticks out to you?
A: I like to get stuck in and take shots from range. Hopefully I can score from in or outside the box. I haven't played in a little while, so I need to get my fitness back, but I look forward to getting in there and providing some energy in the midfield.

Q: What do you see as the big difference between Eastern and Western Conference teams?
A: Obviously the past few years the Western Conference has been dominating. It's hard to put my finger on what exactly the difference is, because in this league, any team can beat any other team on any given day. In the end, it doesn't really matter which conference you are in because you play every team twice. You just need to focus on the next opponent.
Q: What were your initial thoughts when you heard you were getting traded to Houston?
A: To be honest, I wasn't ready to move, but at the same time it is a new and exciting challenge. I've come somewhere I would like to be, a place with an ambitious coach, and the guys seem great. It's been a hard year for myself because I haven't played too much. I'm really looking forward to getting out there, making a difference, and playing the game I love.