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Second set of steel to start next week

The glimpses we get via webcam are just a small taste of all the action going on at the construction site for the new Dynamo Stadium. ICON Venue Group senior vice president Charlie Thornton provided an update on the construction process on Wednesday.

“Things are going extremely well; everything is progressing quickly, as it needs to,” Thornton said. “As far as things you’ll see over the next few weeks, a second crane was elevated and will start with steel erection next week. That will allow us to build in two sections and will allow more mason crews to start work. Next week we’ll also have the first precast of the tread-and-riser system that will start going in the 200 level.”

With steel framework currently going up on the west side of the stadium, the dual work flow set to start next week should bring the stadium’s shape to life even more quickly.

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While fans will also start to see the concrete base of the 200 level, construction will just be getting underway on the building that will house locker rooms, offices, and more.

“The final major step that is upcoming is the start of the sitecast on the building in the south end zone,” Thornton said. “The walls will be cast on the ground and tilted up into place possibly the end of next week.”

As the Dynamo and the Manhattan Construction Group have stated throughout the process, the dry summer has aided the construction process and keeps the new stadium on schedule for a May 2012 opening.

“It’s exciting, and there are a lot of things yet to happen, but we’re confident it’s all going to go smoothly,” Thornton said.

Current Dynamo season ticket holders have already been informed of their window to select seats in the new stadium, and season tickets in the new stadium go on sale to the general public on September 20.

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