Wilf Thorne / Houston Dynamo

BBVA Compass Stadium to offer fans a world-class soccer experience

When it comes to professional soccer, most Dynamo fans can only relate to what they’ve experienced at Robertson Stadium over the past six years. It was a good place to call home, but it will be incomparable to BBVA Compass Stadium. This brand new, downtown, state-of-the-art soccer-specific stadium will be among the top soccer venues in North America. Its detailed and tactful design gives the stadium an international flavor, making fans feel as though they are in a European setting. Here are some of the highlights:

Seat proximity – The seating areas at BBVA Compass Stadium are built close to the field. The first row will be approximately 18 inches above field level. This close proximity is common in most European stadiums.

Seating pitch – The pitch, or steepness, of the seating areas is very pronounced at BBVA Compass Stadium. Rather than building the seating areas “backward” the areas have been built “upward”. This will position fans closer to the field and with an overlooking view of the action on the pitch. The steep seating pitch creates an “arena” feel at the outdoor stadium. 

Acoustics – The crowd noise at the new stadium will be enhanced by the roof canopies which cover nearly 75 percent of the stadium circumference. The canopies will keep many fans out of the Houston sun and will help enhance the crowd noise of Dynamo supporters. Furthermore, the seating bowl at BBVA Compass Stadium is a complete enclosure, which will help contain crowd noise.

Luxury Suites – BBVA Compass Stadium will offer a world class suite experience. With 36 suites located less than 10 rows from the field, fans will have a suite view unparalleled in Houston sports. Further, amenities within the suites include granite countertops, multiple flat panel televisions, wood ceiling panels and an extensive suite menu from Levy Restaurants including BBQ, seafood, gourmet, and organic options.

Continuous concourse – Fans will find it easier and faster to move around the stadium with a concourse that encircles the entirety of the stadium.

More restrooms – BBVA Compass Stadium will have plentiful restroom facilities, including air conditioning, waterless urinals and baby changing stations. There will also be family restrooms.

More concessions – BBVA Compass Stadium will have over 100 concession points of sale (registers, kiosks, etc.), which should create shorter lines for fans.  

Video Board – A stunning 25-foot x 40-foot LED high definition screen will offer fans a better look at game highlights, photos, game stats and more.

Playing surface – As the primary tenant of BBVA Compass Stadium, the Dynamo will control its playing surface. TifGrand Bermuda grass – a sod proven to handle the elements of Houston summers - will be the grass foundation of the new stadium.

Exterior skin – The unique silver exterior “skin” of the stadium will not only give BBVA Compass Stadium a unique look, but will help cool the interior of the arena. 94,000 square feet of aluminum panels will be halfway open to improve air flow and help calm the Houston heat. The stadium exterior promises to be one of the most unique in North American sporting venues.

Downtown location – BBVA Compass Stadium will be America’s first soccer-specific stadium built in a downtown location. Fans will be able to walk to games as well as take public transportation. Existing parking areas will accommodate fans who drive to Dynamo games.  

Easier stadium entrance and exit – With four entrances and a full-scale box office, BBVA Compass Stadium will offer Dynamo fans an easier time entering the stadium for games.

Sound System – A modern speaker and sound system will enhance the game day experience for fans and help make BBVA Compass Stadium a premier sports atmosphere in Texas.

Group Areas – Two party decks – one behind each goal – will host group outings at BBVA Compass Stadium. Both group areas offer a great view of the field some of the best values in group entertainment in Houston. The Budweiser Deck (north end) has capacity for 100 guests and the Heineken Terrace (south end) will accommodate 150 guests, making the downtown stadium a great venue for corporate outings.

Designated supporters section – The designated supporters section behind the south goal will have no seatbacks (at the supporters’ request) and will consolidate some of the most vocal Dynamo fans to the same area, enhancing the stadium atmosphere.