Euro 2012 picks

With only 24 hours before the start of Euro 2012, we asked Dynamo players and coaches who they thought would win the prestigious tournament. Check out their picks below and then enter the Houston Dynamo Euro 2012 Bracket Challenge for your chance to win great prizes!

Player/Coach  Pick Reasoning 
Macoumba Kandji Germany "This is a tough one. I'm going for Germany because I think that they have a very experienced team. I feel like they are hungrier than the other teams."
Nathan Sturgis Germany 'I think it'll probably be either Spain or Germany. I'll pick Germany because they are always consistently good. I don’t know what’s going on with anybody else. Spain will be good but I think Germany will pull it out."
Brian Ownby Holland

"I like Rafael van der Vaart and Robin van Persie, so I would choose them."

Brad Davis Holland

"I like Germany but I like the Dutch too because I really like Robin van Persie. I’m going to say Holland.  I think that they have a solid team. I love watching Arjen Robben play, especially right now. He’s a left sided guy. I really enjoy watching that group of attackers play. It’s a fun attack-minded game."

Brian Ching Holland

"The Netherlands, I like van Persie; I think he’s on fire. They’re a good team and move the ball around well. I think Spain is a good pick too but I think that their goal-scorers are struggling or are out. I think that the Netherlands are going to win." 

Colin Clark Germany

"Germany. They are always good in tournaments. They always make a good run." 

Will Bruin France

"If I went with my number one pick, I’d pick France. They’re hot. I think they are 20 games unbeaten right now and they are playing with confidence. Their coach is getting them to play and I think that they are the hot team going in." 

Bobby Boswell Holland

"La Naranja! I’ve always liked Holland. I grew up years before most of these guys, Brian, Brad, and Calen excluded. But where I grew up, the only team that you could watch on TV was Ajax, so I’ve always liked the Dutch game. They were a powerhouse then. They’ve shown well recently. Got to the final of the World Cup. They play good soccer, a very technical game, passing, good solid team effort. I’m hoping that they put together another good performance and not only get to the final, but win it."

Dominic Kinnear





"It’s hard to say because you never know who is injured or who is tired from a long season. I think you always lean to your favorites. If I were to pick one to four, it would go Spain, Germany, Holland, and France, who I think is going to have a good tournament too. I’m giving myself a 25% chance to win it this year. I think Spain is everyone’s  pick right now, but it’s such a short tournament, so we’ll see."