Anthony Vasser/Houston Dynamo

Dominic Kinnear's Teleconference Quote Sheet

Ahead of Wednesday's Knockout Round match vs. the Chicago Fire, Dominic Kinnear spoke with members of the media. He answered an array of questions about containing the Fire's attack, concerns about his own attack and the addition of Honduran midfielder Boniek Garcia. Here is a transcript of some of Kinnear's quotes:

Thoughts on the match

“We know it’s going to be a difficult game. We have played Chicago three times this year and all the games have been very competitive. We understand they are a very well-coached team and made a couple very good acquisitions mid-way through the season with Chris Rolfe and Sherjill McDonald. Their defense has been very solid for them. They are a tough team to break down.”

On the importance of his squad's playoff experience

“I think it’s an important thing but it can only go so far. I think in your preparation you don’t get as nervous because you have been there before. There are certain situations in the game where you might not get as nervous or panicky, but you still have to play the game. You can’t step on the field and say ‘I’m experienced, so we have an edge.’ I do think it helps in the run-up to the game, and in your preparation, since you have done it a couple times before it is not completely new. But you still have to play and you can only lean on experience for so much.”

On Calen Carr's contributions

“He is a smart player. He is pretty versatile and has good pace. I think he makes good runs off the ball. He can play wide or through the middle and I think he is a confident player as well. His effect on our playoff run last year was huge. He has missed some games this year and we have missed his presence, but when he is playing, he always gives you 5-6 dangerous moments a game because he always has that ability to run with the ball when he has you one-on-one.”

Thoughts on the team’s attack heading into the playoffs

“I think a lot of the offense comes from out wide with Brad [Davis], Boniek [Garcia] and Corey [Ashe]. As far as the forwards go, it all depends on service. It’s also important for the forwards to make good runs, because you have two big guys back there in Austin Berry and Arne Friedrich who, if you do stand still, it’s not going to get you very far. If Will [Bruin] and Calen [Carr] can use their mobility, and try to be one step ahead of the defenders, they can produce some good things for you. Any forward will tell you, he is only as good as his service and hopefully we do have good service and good runs tomorrow night.”

Thoughts on having Boniek Garcia and Brad Davis on the flanks

“It creates a good balance for us. If you can get good possession, and you can get Brad [Davis] wide in good positions, it’s a positive for us. On the other side, with Boniek [Garcia] tucking inside, if you can get the ball in good spots, and he can turn and run at the defense, that’s a good thing to have. Possession is going to be key for us in this game and what we do in advanced areas is going to determine whether we win the game or not.”

What you learned from the previous matches against the Fire

“The first game was odd because it was a rain out. We played them [in Houston] and there was no score. It was very back and forth. And then the last game, we got scored on in the first minute of the game. The one thing I learned, that I knew beforehand, was to not get scored on in the first minute of the game.”

“The goals we gave up in that game, I give the other team credit for putting pressure on us, but we lost the ball in bad areas. If you watch Chicago, they do break well. The ball is going to turn over, but where you turn it over and your reaction to it is going to be very important. Chris Rolfe is a very important player for them when they go from defending to attacking and we have to make sure we keep an eye on him at all times.”