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Canetti's Corner - December 3

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I write this blog with mixed emotions.

On one hand, I'm severely disappointed. On the other hand, I'm incredible proud.

The disappointment stems solely from Saturday's result. The team played its heart out but came up just short of our ultimate goal. It hurt after the game, and there is an on-going emptiness.

At the same time, there is great pride over what we have accomplished this year. We have achieved so much.

I think we had one of the best seasons in MLS history with the great opening of the stadium, the massive growth of the business, and, most importantly, the incredible success of the team. Not many clubs, if any, can say they have done all that in one year.

It was a great year, and something that I need to remind myself of when feeling low about the Cup Final. Perspective is key.

I think my feelings are shared by everyone with the club, from the coaches to the players to the front office. I know that we will use the pain from this one result as motivation to drive ourselves to continued success and to bring home the Cup once again.

The success of 2012 has laid a strong foundation, and the future is very bright. We are already hard at work on that future and ready to meet the next challenge.

As a result, there will be some potential team news this week. The trade window opens today, some player contracts are coming up. Friday is also the first stage of the MLS Re-Entry Draft. So, although we are into the off-season, you can stay dialed into your team and connected through the current events. I'll have more on these developments as they occur.

It's crazy to think that we are already onto the next thing after a long, great year, but there is a new challenge ahead. Opening day is in three months and training camp opens in about eight weeks.

Finally, I want to thank all of our great fans for their support throughout the 2012 season, and especially the 2,000 people who made their way out to LA. Thanks so much. You have been terrific and we look forward to seeing you in March.

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