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Catching up with Will Bruin

With three-and-a-half weeks until 2013 preseason begins, HoustonDynamo.com caught up with Dynamo forward Will Bruin. The Dynamo forward talked about his off-season and his preparation for next season.

HoustonDynamo.com: How has your off-season been so far? What have you been up to?
Will Bruin: The off-season has been short. It has been nice to be home in STL with family for the holidays. I've been catching up with friends and relaxing. In a couple days, I'll be leaving for a cruise in the eastern Caribbean.

HD: What was the best present that you received this year?
WB: I got a SkyGolf GPS for my golf game. It tells me distances all over the course and each individual hole so I can know the distance to the pin or distances for lay-ups. Hopefully, it can erase the 8's off my scorecard!

HD: What is your favorite Bruin holiday tradition?
WB: Going to my grandma's house on Christmas Eve and having all the relatives and family there for a big turkey dinner and presents.

HD: What are some ways that you stay in shape during the off-season?
WB: I go to the YMCA by my house in STL and do cardio and lift weights.

HD: Are you able to shut down from soccer during the off-season or do you find yourself watching European games itching to get back on the field?
WB: I'm pretty good at being able to shut down from soccer but once the new year rolls around I'm ready to get back out on the field.

HD: Last year, you went on the Generation adidas trip and then participated in a U-23 camp before preseason started. Is it nice to have some time to relax? Do those extra training sessions and games take a toll as the MLS season goes on?
WB: Last year's off-season was definitely a busy one. This one hasn't been as busy, but then again, MLS Cup was Dec 1 this year, so the season was longer. I think the extra games helped me stay fit. It was also a great experience and made me better for the MLS season.

HD: Have you set any personal goals yet for the 2013 season and, if so, what are they?
WB: I haven't set any yet, but one goal I always have is to be better than the previous season. So, I always strive to get more assists and goals than the previous year.

HD: Your Indiana Hoosiers were a 16 seed heading into this year's NCAA tournament. Were you surprised that they won the College Cup?
WB: I was not surprised at all that they made a run. With a coaching staff like Todd [Yeagley], Brian [Maisonneauve] and Ernie [Yarborough], I knew they would get the most out of that talented team. I was so happy to see some of my old roommates lift that trophy and win a championship. I'm a proud Hoosier through and through.