In the Community - December 3

Happy Holidays!

Wow, another year of hard work and great results in the community is slowly coming to a close. One more chance to say thank you to Brian Ching on December 13th at his testimonial match (still did not get an invitation to play … maybe Matt wants me for color commentary ….)—tickets still available and remember proceeds go to the House that Ching Built—a Habitat for Humanity project led by the man himself.

I am so proud of the accomplishments of the Dynamo Charities Board in 2013 with tremendous help from Maria Duran, the Sidekicks, and the Dynamo office staff. 

We started with the best ever Fire Sale in the history of Fire Sales – and with a team led by the 2013 Forever Orange Award winner Rob Denton (well done, welcome to the Club) and Frank Arnold, and (finally) having bags, we almost doubled our sales from 2012!

Our Dine with the Dynamo led by the Sidekicks was a sellout and raised funds for Community Family Center’s soccer field (we hope to have the grand opening of the field early in 2014). Brad Davis and Tally Hall brought a record number of service personnel to the July 3rd game. Will Bruin and Mike Chabala had their friends come let the kids shave their heads (and Salon on Kirby did just a bit of cleanup work). Bobby Boswell booted breast cancer. Andrew Driver showed us what golf attire really is at the Tommy Bahama Island Classic.

We were the top corporate fundraiser (again) for ADA Tour de Cure, even though the rain cancelled the actual ride. Brian Ching recognized some of the many community champions that are also Dynamo fans through Ching’s Champions. The runners got to go through the stadium for the Go for the Goal 5k—and PWC donated $750 for each home goal to Ronald McDonald house. We even had Diesel step up for the Toy Chest; everyone pitched in this year. In addition to the recognized events, many of the players went to visit hospitals and fire stations and community centers and schools and are Big Brothers.

Thank you to everyone who participated in, donated to, was part of, and/or somehow contributed to our events this year—we hope you will be back with us in 2014. If you have specific comments on how you believe our events could be improved (please be both polite and detailed), please drop me an email at  I will read them, and we will use the good ideas you provide—this is your chance to help us be greater in 2014!

Special thank you to the University of Houston Bauer College and Dr. Patrick’s marketing classes for their presentations and ideas—we will definitely be looking at them for 2014.

Lastly, every season brings changes to the roster—a big thank you to those players that will no longer be part of the organization next year. You make us at Dynamo Charities what we are—and if we can ever help you out in anyway, please let us know.

We are Dynamo Charities, proud and thankful to be sponsored by Halliburton Charitable Foundation.

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