Dynamo Academy U-14 midfielder Marcelo Palomino returns from U.S. national team camp

Houston Dynamo Academy midfielder Marcelo Palomino just returned from his first-ever national team camp with the United States U-14 team. HoustonDynamo.com caught up with him upon his return to get his reaction to the experience.

HoustonDynamo.com: How was level of group at the camp and how did you perform?

Palomino: The level was at a really high level, everything was faster and I think the first day I struggled a little to fit in. But then after that day I picked up my game and played alright for the rest of the camp.

HD.com: How much of a challenge was the camp overall?

Palomino: Midway through the camp, about Wednesday, I started getting tired. We start getting a little tired in our muscles, but they gave us good nutrition and we took a couple of ice baths and they took care of us good so they helped us finish the week.

HD.com: Did you get any feedback from the coaches?

Palomino: We each had individual meetings and they told us what we needed to work on and what they thought we did good on. They said that I needed to work more on creating more chances by shooting — they told me I did well by passing but I needed to shoot more.

HD.com: What was the most memorable part about the camp?

Palomino: I think the most memorable part of the camp and being on the field would be the level and the intensity of that. It’s a big challenge, and I think off the field my teammates are all good people and I learned a lot from them.

HD.com: How does the experience with national team help you with the Dynamo?

Palomino: I could take a lot of stuff that I learned over there and bring it here. And how the players over there on the national team helped me, I hope I could do the same for the players here.

HD.com: Who is your favorite Dynamo player?

Palomino: Boniek García.

HD.com: Is that the position you hope to take in about 5 years?

Palomino: Hopefully!