Special Olympics Texas

Special Olympics Unified Dynamo Practice Update

With major flooding in the Houston area the day before practice, we were concerned we would have to take practice indoors. To our surprise, the field was in great condition! As usual, the athletes came out ready to give 100% and learn about the Beautiful Game.

We started practice working on technical stuff as always and the improvement after 2 practices was extremely noticeable. We identified some areas that we needed to work on and focused on those aspects.

The team camaraderie that has been developing is very encouraging and all the athletes are starting to form a strong team mentality. With the team coming into picture, it is exciting to start seeing where everybody fits on the field.

We are all starting to form a bond, a bond that we like to call our “Special Olympics Family”. Our parents of the players have been such a great support each practice with bringing water and snacks for everyone. Even though we are all from different areas and on different teams and often play against each other throughout the year, it has been amazing to witness these players and families come together as one team so quickly!