Wilmer Cabrera | Postgame vs. San Jose Earthquakes


(on the game overall) "We were organized. We had very good shape. When the team had to defend, it defended very well. When we had the possibility to move the ball, we moved the ball well. Much better than in different games. When we had to attack, we continued attacking. We continued trying to look forward to the attack. So it was important to be solid, and today was one of the most balanced games that we have had throughout the season, so that is something that I am really happy about. And I just congratulated the players because they did a wonderful job."

(on why he switched to a 4-4-2 formation and if he was happy with the results) "Yes, a few reasons. I wanted to help the back four to be more protected. It wasn't a decision to talk with them and to be telling them that, “We have to be better. We have to do better,” but it was also important to be a little bit more protected. And when (MF) Juan David (Cabezas), who is more of a normal defensive midfielder put himself right there, it helped the whole team and the two central backs to be more solid and to be more protected. And we gave (MF) Alex a little bit more freedom. Which, Alex is a very talented player. He likes to go forward, so we gave him a little bit more freedom. At some points, he was another forward. So, we tried to be more balanced. When we had the ball, he was free to go. When we didn't have the ball, we were organized and had a better shape, so we were more protected in all the lines of the team."

(on whether it was difficult to make the tactical change in formation) "No, because we didn't give up what we like to do. We just wanted to be sure that we balanced the team a little bit better and that we protected ourselves a little bit better. Also, we were playing at 3 o'clock, and in the sun today. No doubt about it, it was hot for them. It was for us. It was hot for everyone, so having that balance right there was helping us at some point, just to save a little bit more energy. And we did it. There at the end, we ended playing with three forwards and we created a lot of options, and sadly we couldn't score more goals, but definitely we had more options and it was good."

(on the first start for DF Kevin Garcia at right back) "Well, I've known Kevin since he was like 15 years old and he did a good job. And, he was growing and he was solid. The plan was to put (DF) A.J. (DeLaGarza) in for 40 minutes, but Kevin was doing a very good job and the game didn't allow us to make that change because the guys up front were working hard – (FW) Erick (Torres), (FW) Alberth (Elis). And because of that, we waited and he did a very good job, so that is important for him. That is important for the team and that is important for the club, to have another good player, a young player, coming from the (RGV FC) Toros last year and now being able to play 90 minutes, a solid 90 minutes."

(the team recording their first clean sheet of the season) "Yes, it was a big deal. For us, it's a big deal. It's important, not for me, but for the players. The players - that's the important thing that we needed to work on. They needed that for themselves. It wasn't yelling at them, it wasn't coming in at the half and saying different things. No, it was just working together to get better, little by little, and move forward with our process to work and to get better as a team. Today was a very good day to get a clean sheet and to win three points at home.”

(on the difference between last week’s halftime message to the team and this week’s) "Nothing. Nothing has changed. It's not about what I say in the locker room at halftime. It's about us being focused on our job as a team. Last week, we had pretty good moments and we had really bad moments. So we needed to be more consistent in our game; 90 minutes more consistent, more focused, more concentrated. And today, it was a very tough game and they did it, so now it's on them. They have that in them. They have that inside them, so it is import