Joe Willis | Postgame vs. Orlando City SC

(on the team needing such a good performance) “I mean, I wouldn’t say we needed it, needed it. It’s definitely a big confidence boost going forward. I think we played well from front to back, kept a shutout and scored a bunch of goals. Any time you have a performance like that, it’s a good base going forward.”

(on rebounding from the missed penalty) “I mean, we knew we would get more chances. We have a lot of players who love to score goals, and who are capable of scoring goals. We knew there would be plenty more chances. When something like happens you can’t dwell on it, you just have to move past it.”

(on watching the team counterattack) “It’s a lot of fun. Like I said, we have a lot of players who love to score, and who love to attack, so when you’re in the back it gives you a lot of confidence knowing that they’re going to put four on the board.”

(on the feeling in training after such a positive result) “Not too different. I think (Dynamo Head Coach) Wilmer (Cabrera) says it a lot, ‘You can never get too high or too low.’ It’s a long season; you can’t dwell on games that you lose, you can’t go crazy after you win a game. After tonight, tomorrow we start thinking about Friday and Vancouver. There’s a lot of games in the season, there’s a lot of work still to be done, and I think we’ll approach it like we do any other week.”

(on keeping the momentum going) “I think we just need to stay focused. We’ve proven to ourselves that we can keep clean sheets and that we can score goals. I think we have the confidence to do it, we just need to keep reminding ourselves to keep our heads in the game and to finish it out.”